Endless activities & adventures. Awesome counselors. 

The 8 and 9-year-olds entering 3rd and 4th grade have a lot to love best about our all-inclusive kids' programs: great counselors, friends their own age, very cool activities and sports, a bike of their own, and their own fully-equipped Inn Recreation Room. Mornings and again in the evenings kids and counselors take to the lake and meadows by sneakers and bikes, canoes and kayaks for a host of new and familiar activities and easy-going kids' vacation fun.

We love this place. It is with much sadness that we say 'goodbye' to The Tyler Place, at least for now. If time and money were not issues we'd be back here every year. Our kids (10, 8 & 6) have such a wonderful time here. They love group, they love the freedom and they love afternoon family time. The staff here at T.P. is amazing. They are all positive, helpful, great kids. They really are what makes this place so enjoyable.
— D & M, Sarasota, FL, Week of May 31, 2014, Laura
Another amazing week - counting down 'til next year already. Our son (7-3/4): 'I love how we get such great play spaces and equipment.' ” — M & M, South Orange, NJ, Week of June 7, 2014, Franklin House I
We really had to dig deep for constructive feedback, but we know it is important (although most are minor things). We feel like this is a very special place. Our 8-year old grew up a little while he was here and enjoyed his newfound freedom of getting to check himself out and taking a key to let himself in - something we can't do at home yet. He was eager to go each day and made new friends. We aren't sure how you pull off all the activities with such perfection - even when it rains. All of the staff was more than friendly and always eager to help. Our accommodations were cozy and well maintained. We felt like it was our own vacation cottage. We enjoyed riding with bicycles everywhere - again something we can't do at home. ” — P & L, Jacksonville, FL, Week of June 7, 2014, Redhead
Our 8-year old says, 'It just gets better here every year'. And we agree! Your staff is amazing. ” — H & V, Acton, MA, Week of June 28, 2014, Goldeneye
Wonderful, fun, relaxing week as always. The children don't want to leave. So gratifying to watch our 9-year old bike independently all over the T.P. and explore. Great to see friendly, familiar faces and reconnect after a 3-year hiatus! ” — T & A, Houston, TX, Week of June 28, 2014, Laura

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