For Teens The Tyler Place is like a 5-star cruise...with the freedom to get off the ship!

The all-incluisive activities free teens of the usual hassle of having to ask parents for permission or extra cash everytime they want to try out a new sport or activity or hang out with friends at the Waterfront or Teen Lounge.  Designed for 13, 14 and 15-year-olds entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, the teen program offers extensive all-inclusive sports, activities, and entertainment minus any school or camp pressures. The college counselors are terrific, and since every teenager arrives within a few hours of each other, making long-lasting friendships is easy.

After 7 years of coming to The Tyler Place we still enjoy and look forward to this arrival trip. Our 9-year old twins and 13-year old love their groups, counselors, independence and family time at the lake. Best week of food all year! ” — J & K, Moorestown, NJ, Week of July 21, 2012, Farmhouse Up
Wonderful vacation. We can do many activities or nothing at all. My 16-year old pointed out, ‘It's a vacation for adults, they drop off kids and eat in peace’. My preteen enjoyed her group and said it's like living in a little town. She also doesn't want to leave. ” — K, Niagara Falls, NY, Week of May 25, 2012, Cedar
We really enjoyed our trip. Loved the staff and all the variety of activities. This was our third trip here. We look forward to next year. The kids: 16, 13, 11 and 9 - all had a wonderful time! Thank you!! ” — D & W, Hollidaysburg, PA, Week of June 2, 2012, Woodcrest
There truly is something for everyone! This is our 10th year here and we always find plenty of great activities to participate in! The first day here, our 13-year old daughter said with sheer joy, 'I just LOVE being a teen here at The Tyler Place'!

— M & M, Verona, WI, Week of July 14, 2012, Farmhouse West
The Tyler Place is a hidden gem in Vermont! We love the friendly and helpful staff, the gourmet meals and the options of activities (or not) depending on your interests! Our 13-year old daughter loves The Tyler Place and keeps in touch with her T.P. friends all year long! ” — J & T, Rutland, VT, Week of June 29, 2013, Partridge I

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