For Teens The Tyler Place is like a 5-star cruise...with the freedom to get off the ship!

The all-incluisive activities free teens of the usual hassle of having to ask parents for permission or extra cash everytime they want to try out a new sport or activity or hang out with friends at the Waterfront or Teen Lounge.  Designed for 13, 14 and 15-year-olds entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, the teen program offers extensive all-inclusive sports, activities, and entertainment minus any school or camp pressures. The college counselors are terrific, and since every teenager arrives within a few hours of each other, making long-lasting friendships is easy.

The Tyler Place is a hidden gem in Vermont! We love the friendly and helpful staff, the gourmet meals and the options of activities (or not) depending on your interests! Our 13-year old daughter loves The Tyler Place and keeps in touch with her T.P. friends all year long! ” — J & T, Rutland, VT, Week of June 29, 2013, Partridge I
We've never laughed so hard! As for our teen, he was so gone from sun-up to well past sunset. He had the best time ever (and this is our 12th summer!). We're so glad to be back after missing last year. ” — M & S, Chicago, IL, Week of June 14, 2014, Farmhouse South

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