Family Arts & Crafts


Options for artistic, creative activities and entertainment are among the most unexpected charms of a Tyler Place family vacation—and one of the most delightful is the opportunity to create something memorable with your kids. Enjoy an Arts & Crafts session during Family Time, and take something home so you’ll never forget your Vermont vacation.

Your masterpiece could be worthy of displaying in your home, you could discover that your child is the next Picasso… or you may just get a little messy together as a family, and there’s no shame in that. Hannah, our resident Arts & Crafts guru, comes up with unique and playful projects for all ages and skill levels, so there’s sure to be something you, your spouse, and your kids can create together. 

Artistic Endeavors at and around the Tyler Place:

"I loved my adult arts & crafts and would love another adult session of arts & crafts other than painting.”
— V, Falmouth, ME

"Good food. Excellent choice of activities (I loved pottery) and boat ride. Personnel is outstanding.”
— C, Palo Alto, CA

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