Guest Comments for 2005

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Our stay was exceptional. Kids' activities were excellent, adult activities were excellent and the accommodations (food, staff, etc.) were excellent, but none of those are what's going to bring us back. The one thing I noticed, which is very special, is the passion behind this from Chad Tyler. There is a special twinkle in his eye when he replays the history of The Tyler Place to me. This is what separates The Tyler Place from everyone else. For my wife, it's the above-mentioned items. For me, anyone that believes as deeply as this family does in what they do has got my support. Thank you for an amazing week. We'll be back. ” — M & L, Wellington , FL , Butterball , 9/3-9/10
A haven of relaxation! ” — J & T , Montreal , Quebec , Canada , Ferncroft F , 9/3-9/10
As always, The Tyler Place makes our family vacation effortless. ” — M & S , Chicago , IL , Farmhouse South , 9/3-9/10
As usual, another wonderful week of good family time. The staff was great this year. ” — J & W , Jenks , OK , Kingfisher , 9/3-9/10
We had a fantastic time - very relaxing - our son loved his caregiver and his group and the other guests were very nice and friendly. ” — M & M , Washington , DC , Redhead , 9/3-9/10
Everything seemed to run beautifully this year. It was a fun and restful week for us. Great entertainment for the kids and a successful vacation for our whole family. Thanks. ” — B & L , Kensington , MD , Willow , 9/3-9/10
We came to The Tyler Place as part (the grandparent part!) of our extended family. It was a terrific way to spend time with our kids and grandkids as well as to have a wonderful vacation for ourselves. Thanks for the memories! ” — C & L , Fly Creek , NY , Willow , 9/3-9/10
Great guests, weather, staff, activities, food and beyond. Really just a lovely get-away! ” — M & C , Concord , MA , Ferncroft A , 9/3-9/10
The staff made this place a most relaxing experience. ” — D & R , New York , NY , Elmwood West , 9/3-9/10
One-of-a-kind vacation experience for the whole family. ” — J & J , North Bethesda , MD , Hickory , 9/3-9/10
We had a great week. All of us got everything we were looking for in a fun and relaxing vacation. Staff is great! ” — K & K , Edison , NJ , Popcorn , 9/3-9/10
We have 2-1/2 year old twins and we've spent the past year renovating a house and moving. I think we had entirely forgotten the meaning of the word vacation. The Tyler Place has been such a welcome respite. I can't imagine a place more suited to the needs of parents with young children. It is clearly a labor of love for the Tyler family - everything is so well thought out. The food is fantastic, too! ” —D & B , Brooklyn , NY , Mrs. T's , 9/3-9/10
We adults had a blast. Loved all the activities because the kids had a blast. ” — B & M , Oacula , GA , Inn #1 , 9/3-9/10
Fabulous food! Especially loved the inventive soups, casseroles, lasagnas and warm cookies. The staff is very helpful and accommodating - especially with situations that come up. ” — D & H , Weston , CT , Pintail , 9/3-9/10
The Tyler Place is the kind of vacation I'd always dreamed of, but never thought I'd find. Beautiful facilities and 1st-class service ensure that both parents and children have a fantastic time! The staff takes care of everything to allow parents lots of "alone" time, yet enjoy old-fashioned family fun. We'll definitely come back! ” —B & P , Vergennes , VT , Park , 9/3-9/10
Good balance of childcare & family time; loved meals with other couples and no kids; very relaxing, nice cabin; friendly and caring staff. ” — G & L , Batavia , IL , Goose , 9/3-9/10
The program is great - gives the parents time alone with each other while knowing that the kids are being well taken care of! ” — J & N , Philadelphia , PA , Bluebill , 9/3-9/10
The Tyler Place gave our family the perfect opportunity to share a week-long vacation, meet new people and watch our children learn and grow. ” — D & T , Portsmouth , RI , Lakeview , 9/3-9/10
We all feel great about this place. The kids love it and they're learning and experiencing the world in ways we don't get a chance to show them at home. ” — K & E , Clinton , NY , Carriage House I , 9/3-9/10
Thanks for the opportunity to be a kid with your kids in a safe, fun-filled environment. Summer vacation like you remember it. ” — R & J , McKinney , TX , Farmhouse Down , 9/3-9/10
Initially trepidations, especially about leaving our infant daughter, but staff was very accommodating and facilities were clean. Our son loved the boat and fishing trip. ” — L & A , New York , NY , Tyler North , 9/3-9/10
Food was phenomenal this year. Staff remain superior. We can't wait to come back. ” — W & K , Philadelphia , PA , Carriage House II , 9/3-9/10
This is a beautiful place from the architecture to the landscaping. Everything is well done. You really can't help relaxing here. ” — D & T , Elkton , MD , Inn #115-116 , 9/3-9/10
Staff is so friendly and eager to go above and beyond to help. Everything at camp met or exceeded our expectations. Attention to small details was fabulous. Cold water stations throughout. Towels and clean restroom at the gym. The meals were all out of this world. This vacation is far better than any Disney vacation, hands down. ” — J & L , Tampa , FL , Woodduck , 9/3-9/10
The mountain hike was fantastic. Beautiful view and swimming spot afterward. We really enjoyed the Champagne Cruise and lobster night. ” — D & E , Maplewood , NJ , Elmwood East , 9/3-9/10
This was our first year at Tyler Place . Now we know why people come back for years to come. Tyler Place is a camp for kids and adults for fun for everyone. We will come back next year to do all the things we didn't get to do this year. ” — R & J , Brookline , MA , Davies , 9/3-9/10
The Tyler family are wonderful hosts and set a tone of welcome, warmth and personal involvement from the time of arrival. The concept of a family resort which treats the children to a delightful, age-appropriate camp experience and at the same time recognizes the couple's needs for adult times, in private and with others, makes The Tyler Place the perfect family camping vacation. We loved it! ” — J & S , Brooklyn , NY , Sandpiper , 9/3-9/10
This was our 4th year here and we continue to share new expereinces each year. Some of our memories this year include evening strolls to look at the stars and show my children the big dipper and explain constellations. Having breakfast each morning with one of my children, while the other was at group, was some great one-on-one time. ” — N. , Waltham , MA , Inn #101 , 9/3-9/10
Wide variety of activities for adults. Excellent baby/kids programs, high ratio of counselors to kids; great staff-to-guest ratio. ” —S & A , McLean , VA , Ferncroft E , 9/3-9/10
It is worth having children just so you can come to Tyler Place . (Well, you know what we mean!) ” —C & K , Framingham , MA , Mallard , 9/3-9/10
We had a wonderful time. It was a perfect situation to enjoy time as a family. ” — D & D , Newton , NJ , Partridge I , 9/3-9/10
The Tyler Place came highly recommended, yet still exceeded our expectations. We're so pleased and already looking forward to 2006. The children's programs are outstanding and are what makes this place unique. ” — S & A , Tuckahoe, NY, Tyler Up , 9/3-9/10

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