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You take such excellent care of us. We love it here. Thanks.
— T & C, Arlington, TX, 9/5-9/9/17

I liked disconnecting from the stress of everyday life. That sounds so simple but I didn’t realize how meaningful it can be.
– S & J, Great Falls, VA, 9/2-9/9/17

The Tyler Place is a parent’s dream – kids have a blast, every detail is taken care of and lots of time to do whatever makes you, you.
— B & C, Philadelphia, PA, 9/2-9/9/17

We all had a great time! We have to pack tonight though – but I’ll try to write more later!
— B & L, Washington, DC, 9/2-9/9/17

The flexibility of childcare is wonderful. Having adult mealtime and babysitting anytime throughout our stay has been easy. One of the true vacations we have had since the birth of our child.
— M & L, San Diego, CA, 9/2-9/9/17

There is an almost palpable feeling that grows over the first couple of days and then one gets into that place of relaxation and enjoyment – which the T.P. management and staff work so hard to achieve, which is so rarely found in the world. The Tyler Place is easily described in detail – and that description would necessarily be very impressive – but the essence of the T.P. must be experienced in person. It is unique!
— D & D, New York, NY, 9/2-9/9/17

The food was excellent. The cruiser bikes were a lot of fun. We liked the organized morning activities and waterfront and evening activities.
— J & J, Denver, CO, 9/2-9/9/17

In spite of rain almost daily this was THE most wonderful vacation! The kids had a blast and the parents relaxed. The Tyler Place staff did so much to make even the rainiest day wonderful, going above and beyond in so many ways. Absolutely delightful!
— M & A, Moorestown, NJ, 9/2-9/9/17

We loved how laid back it was. Some mornings we just wanted to read or take a quiet walk – and that was okay. No pressure to participate, but plenty of opportunities to get active when you want to. And our kids were having a BLAST no matter what we decided to do! Plus, the food is excellent.
— J & L, Birmingham, AL, 9/2-9/9/17

A welcome escape from the frenzy of everyday life. There’s a great deal of pride in the Tylers and staff evident in providing a truly unique and authentic experience. We had moments of quiet reflection to laughing so hard our cheeks hurt – what a fantastic time!
— P & C, Harleysville, PA, 9/2-9/9/17

Great family vacation spot. Activities for all. Phenomenal experience for toddlers, allows adults-only time, guilt-free, but still allows plenty of time for family to be all together. Beautiful grounds and lots of nooks to explore. Hammocks in surprising spots and beautiful water views. The kids’ program was beyond amazing and the hands-on classes for adults were a once in a lifetime opportunity but the best part of our trip was just walking around Tyler Place with my son and seeing the gnome garden, the horses, hunting for frogs at night – simple magic!
— P, Novato, CA, 9/2-9/9/17

We had a wonderful time as always and our adult children, former campers, were not disappointed in the least by their adult experience.
— D & L, East Greenwich, RI, 9/2-9/9/17

Children were given a variety of activities that kept them engaged and plenty worn out by the end of the night. Each day they were eager to go to their group program. For grown-ups, there were plenty of activities as well. You could participate in the organized activities or come up with your own activity. Plenty of freedom to enjoy your vacation how you wanted to enjoy it.
— A & R, Leesburg, VA, 9/2-9/9/17

Love the candid photos and especially how Zoran will go out of his way to get candids of siblings and families together. Staff are amazing; food is fabulous; great job keeping everyone entertained despite the (very) rainy weather.
— J & A, Saratoga Springs, NY, 9/2-9/9/17

The Tyler Place feels like someone has opened their home for a lovely visit complete with introductions to other guests.
— C & E, Riverdale Park, MD, 9/2-9/9/17

Another fun week. Saw some friends we haven’t seen in almost a decade. Staff is awesome.
— D & L, Daniel, CT, 9/2-9/9/17

As always, The Tyler Place feels like “coming home”.
— M & K, Lewes, DE, 9/2-9/9/17

We always have a great time. The staff goes out of their way to ensure you do and the meals are awesome with a fine dining experience with friends a real “look forward” to each day.
— D & L, Houston, TX, 9/2-9/9/17

There is something so special about The Tyler Place. The entire family has the best time, makes new friends and learns something new. The staff, the thoughtfulness and the food are also unmatched.
— B & K, Franklin, TN, 9/2-9/9/17

Whole family fun for the 2-year old, 4-year old and we loved all the camp activities. It’s such a social place. It’s impossible not to make great friends here. The kid-free time is so relaxing to enjoy some cocktails and dinner. We felt like kids ourselves with the lawn games and low ropes. So fun!
— W & K, Winchester, MA, 9/2-9/9/17

Food was incredibly delicious! The Tyler family makes new guests feel so welcome and makes sure we mingle and make friends. I really liked that. All of the staff are friendly, helpful and so much fun, so getting to interact with them adds another layer of “family atmosphere”. The kids’ program is beyond amazing – clearly that has been perfected! Having Spanish-speaking staff for our daughter was an added bonus!
— R & K, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 9/2-9/9/17

The food is divine. Something for everyone. The kids’ programming is awesome! My son doesn’t want to leave! The counselors are most engaging. I like that you have males and females because I think it’s important for male children to experience nurturing from male figures.
— T & T, Cypress, TX, 9/2-9/9/17

We absolutely loved our first (and definitely not our last) stay at The Tyler Place. It’s such a unique family experience in an idyllic setting. The first family trip where the mom and dad were taken care of, too!
— S & K, Dallas, TX, 9/2-9/9/17

Our ninth year here was as much fun as ever.
— G & C, Newton Highlands, MA, B, 9/2-9/9/17

Like what some say about 1st class flights: once you try it, can’t go back! Now we can’t imagine a vacation without all of The Tyler Place magic.
— K & C, Brooklyn, NY, 9/2-9/9/17

The Tyler Place is the most unique family vacation we have ever experienced. It has something for every age, interest and personality.
— D & N, Scottsdale, AZ, 9/2-9/9/17

After 4 straight years, we thought this would be our last as our daughter starts school in 2018, but we just can’t give up our favorite week of the year! See you in July next year! You do it right!
— D & A, Carrie, N, 9/2-9/9/17

Everyone was so friendly.
— J & K, Philadelphia, PA, 9/2-9/5/17

Wonderful trip down memory lane – great first visit for my wife. Particularly loved tennis, canoeing, champagne cruise, new friends – food was wonderful. Service was terrific. We were treated like family.
— D & M, New York, NY, Carriage House IV, 9/2-9/5/17

The Tyler Place made my kids so happy and it was such a great boost of confidence for them to try new things. As a family we loved that we could have part of our day to ourselves (gourmet meals while kids at camp!) or join them in things we love ourselves. The Tyler Place has a chill, laid back vibe run by the highest quality of people. Fairness rules here and we were so excited to be reminded of our own experiences of camp while our kids got to enjoy the beauty and FUN of Lake Champlain. Best of all, we love a photographer getting candids of our kids’ first experiences, being on a lake trampoline or in archery. It is so fun to see their faces light up, learn and have fun, even if you are not there. The photos are updated daily.
— R & M, New York, NY, 9/2/-9/5/17

We have two kids under 4 and this was the first time we were away with them and it was a “vacation” and not merely a “trip”. It was great to feel like kids at summer camp again (plus alcohol) and every time we walked into the adults-only sections of the Inn, it was kind of magical. Plus we had a great time seeing our kids experiencing “summer camp” for their first time. A truly special week – and we can’t wait to return next year!
— A & B, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 8/12-8/19/17

Not sure who had more fun – she: my husband or my kids. He: my wife and I both believe our kids “grew up” in a nice and important way this week. Increased comfort being on own and meeting new people, making friends.
— M & R, Newton, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

A really great, unique way to spend a family vacation.
— J & K, Scarsdale, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

Loved the family atmosphere. Missed some time with our kids – they loved making new friends.
M & A, Ridgewood, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

There really is no vacation like what you get from the T.P.!  A well-oiled machine…staff are fun, energetic and professional. The “camp” for children and adults is unique and keeps us coming back for more. We love it here! Thank you all.
J & D, Wrightsville, PA, 8/26-9/2/17

2017 was our second summer vacation at The Tyler Place and I think we will be back for many more years to come. A unique blend of activity and rest for the whole family that puts as much emphasis on adult time as family time. The Tyler Place is perfect for us. We are so happy we found out about it!
J & K, North Haledon, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

We loved how we could really escape. Our kids learned independence and we loved socializing without our kids each day. Our kids were probably the first to show up for morning and evening group because they were so excited to go.
R & A, Arlington, VA, 8/26-9/2/17

We really were not sure what we were getting ourselves into when deciding to come to The Tyler Place, but it has exceeded any expectation that we did have. From the staff to the food to the programs, the T.P. is an amazing getaway. A true vacation! Parents get to relax and reconnect. Kids get to play and have fun, too.  And there’s time for family fun as well. Having an only child, there is no way we could have entertained her like the T.P. can. Food: AMAZING! (There’s not enough paper to write all the great things about the T.P.!)
H & C, Charlotte, NC, 8/26-9/2/17

They thought of everything so you don’t have to. Perfect family getaway.
J & P, Hoboken, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

The Tyler Place fixes that age old problem where once you have kids you no longer have vacations. You only have trips.  At Tyler Place you finally get to have a vacation again!
D & A, Washington, DC,  8/26-9/2/17

Perfect mix of adults-only activities and family fun; kids experience amazing freedom being able to walk or ride bikes over property.
D & C, Larchmont, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

Haven’t been here for over 15 years. It’s nice to see that everything I loved about The Tyler Place hasn’t changed.  Hope to be back next year for the Taste of Vermont!
L & K, Plainsboro, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

The kids look forward to the T.P. every year and so do we. They reconnect with their friends, gain new maturity and have more fun each year. It’s a place where the kids grow and the parents have great adult time.
C & D, Newport Beach, CA, 8/26-9/2/17

Amazing kids’ program and the best counselors my kids have ever had at a camp! Excellent food!
J & A, Andover, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

It is like stepping back in time before technology started controlling our lives; where kids get to be kids and make memories that will be chapter headings for the stories of their lives. And adults get to unplug, hand over the controls and find glimpses of that inner kid while also rediscovering their non-parental identity as a grown up through conversation and camaraderie
H, Glen Allen, VA, 8/26-9/2/17

It was nice to reconnect as a couple and we knew our son was well cared for.
G & R, Irvington, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

We really enjoyed the variety of activities. Just wished we could do some more of it with our kids
—  L, Hammonton, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

The Tyler Place was the first REAL vacation we’ve had since having children. We wish we had discovered it sooner. That said, with 10+ year old children, we all enjoyed complete freedom and peace of mind.
J & P, Bethesda, MD, 8/26-9/2/17

We enjoyed everything!  The relaxing for parents and the fun activities for kids.
T & W, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

We love the community feeling at The Tyler Place and the ability to have an active and relaxing vacation all in one. I love the freedom and independence my kids can have and look forward to that increasing for them as they get older. It’s a true gift for us and them!
J & A, Arlington, VA, 8/26-9/2/17

After 11 summers, The Tyler Place has become a huge part of our family’s life. We are in awe of the masterful way the Tyler family and excellent staff curate the week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for 11 wonderful years!
M & Z, Brooklyn, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

There are so many fantastic fellow guests and we love getting to know many of them – while our children did the same! The highlight of our stay was the walking tour with Chad.
D & A, Charlestown, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

I can’t imagine a more idyllic place to spend a week with the family. This is my happy place and I spend each year counting down until the next Tyler Place excursion.
M & C, New York, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

We look forward to our family vacation each summer at The Tyler Place. Our family’s experiences and memories continue to build every year. Thank you, Tyler Place!
R & N, New York, NY,  8/26-9/2/17

The range of adult activities was impressive. It was pure fun.
J & D, Briarcliff Manor, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

We loved the kids’ activities and staff; the enthusiasm of the Tyler family members we met and the variety of activities offered. And the adult food selection.
A & T, Bethesda, MD, 8/26-9/2/17

The Tyler Place is magical – kids and adults busy and happy.
M & G, Voorhees, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

We had a wonderful time! Thank you!
R & C, Stockton, NJ, 8/26-9/2/17

Food was fantastic this year. Amazing variety and more complex dishes. Great Waterfront and Front Desk staff. Yoga amazing as always. Love the photography, too. Thank you for another wonderful year!
M, Wilmington, DE, 8/26-9/2/17

Truly a special place, with a unique model where parents and kids actually ENJOY their vacation both separately and together. We loved it and we’ll be back next year!
J & R, Irvington, NY, 8/26-9/2/17

We love The Tyler Place! The description and photos make the T.P. seem too good to be true. After three years at the T.P. we can attest – it is even better than advertised.  The activities are amazing, as is the experience of having 21 meals without your kids while still having plenty of family time.
W & K, Houston, TX, 8/26-9/2/17

Absolutely amazing, beautiful and wonderful.  Every member of our family of five dove in and loved it. We will return over and over. Thank you, Tyler Place!
S & H, Cambridge, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

We love this place! One of a kind experience to give the parents a true relaxing setting away from the normal stresses of parenting.
J & M, Atlanta, GA, 8/26-9/2/17

Thank you for another wonderful stay here. Our daughters looked forward to this week all year and it lived up to all of our expectations! Great people in a relaxing and beautifully run place!
E & S, Newton, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

A vacation for the WHOLE family. Kids and adults make friends, have fun, do things we love and things that are new to us.
P & A, Weston, MA, 8/26-9/2/17

We are so dirty, sore, bruised and happy!
J & R, Falls Church, VA, 8/26-9/2/17

We look forward to our Tyler Place vacation all year. We most enjoy seeing the friends we have made, the activities and the grounds. The staff members are incredibly helpful and accommodating.
— J & T, Arlington, VA, 8/5-8/12/17

The Tyler Place truly is a magical place both for adults and children of all ages. Everyone can grow, relax, have fun, meet new friends and make memories of a lifetime! It truly is a hidden gem!
I & E, Thousand Oaks, CA, 8/19-8/26/17

Without singling any staff out we found all the staff to be excellent.
— R & K, Madison, NJ, 8/19-8/26/17

Summer camp on steroids. After the first evening we were here (arrived @4 p.m.) by 9 the kids were already saying when do we come next year!
— D &J, West Hartford, CT, 8/19-8/26/17

It was a great experience. It was worth crossing the Atlantic!  We will be back. Thanks to all the Tyler team.
C & E, Madrid, Spain, 8/19-8/26/17

We liked being encouraged to sit with different people at meals, getting to know them, finding common interests. I like the variety of activities. Staff is all wonderful.
J & M, Sudbury, MA, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place is magical. It’s the only vacation my kids ever ask to take.
— D & S, Weston, CT, 8/19-8/26/17

We love it here. We are so impressed by the kindness and enthusiasm of the staff, the meticulous care of the grounds, the thoughtfulness put into every detail. We are so happy we found the T.P.!!
— J & A, Port Washington, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

Having time for activities as a family and as a couple was terrific. The food was plentiful and delicious and the variety and novelty of the food was great, too. We had fun and learned something at every activity. Our kids had never been sailing before or on lake trampolines; those were a hit with them as were the land trampolines and riding bikes everywhere. The adults enjoyed trying out some new activities and sports as well as having lots of kid-free time to reconnect. The kids were excited about their group activities every day and we picked up happy kids with many tales of adventures every time. It was terrific knowing that our kids were having a blast while we had opportunities to do things (that would not have interested our kids) that we had wanted to do together for years but couldn’t.
D & E, Derwood, MD, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place is the best week of the year. As busy parents with young children, the T.P. buys us time – time to relax, have fun, enjoy the company of friends – all while our kids are having a blast – and time is in short supply in our regular lives, so it’s a pleasure and a privilege to enjoy our time.
 D & S, Newton, MA, 8/19-8/26/17

Another great stay! We always find it so relaxing here and enjoy the chance for individual, couple and family fun all in the same week. Many thanks!
— P & A, Arlington, MA, 8/19-8/26/17

This place is amazing and the guests are amazing.  Imagine a place where you can meet new friends and your kids can, too. The best family vacation possible, by far.
W & A, Brooklyn, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place is a slice of heaven for a very busy family.  We all stop and take a breath together, relax, laugh, play and remember how important that is to do on a daily basis.
M & K, New York, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

I had high hopes/expectations and they were met and exceeded. Beautiful place, tons of charm, kids had a blast, food/drinks were excellent. Special. Nothing else like it!
B & E, Avon, CT, 8/19-8/26/17

As always the best combination of adult, kid and family time so that everyone leaves happy and relaxed…ready to come back next year!
— G & J, Washington, DC, 8/19-8/26/17

It is always better than expected.  Thank you for another amazing week.
D & A, Bethesda, MD, 8/19-8/26/17

Fabulous family camp with perfect hours for the children’s programs so that everyone can have a memorable vacation.
— A & J, Yorktown Heights, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

Had a wonderful week. Thanks!
— G & C, Bethesda, MD, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place has become our family tradition every summer. We look forward to many more years ahead!
— L & M, Glen Rock, NJ, 8/19-8/26/17

I loved not having to worry about the kids’ meals. The most relaxing part of this vacation was not having to have conversations at every meal about allergies, times 3, times 7. I liked having use of bikes.
D & S, London, England, 8/19-8/26/17

After 4 years we continue to enjoy  it’s unique mix of social activity, family time, outdoor experiences and great food/service.
— D & M, Brooklyn, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place is the best place for a family vacation. We have vacationed in many other places and T.P. is the best, because it offers all members of a family the opportunity to enjoy their favorite activities, while affording a good mix of family time.
E & M, Roanoke, VA, 8/19-8/26/17

The Tyler Place has truly become part of our family and life experience, and we never want to leave at the end of our week but always look forward to next year. Thanks to the whole Tyler family for hosting us!
W& C, Moseley, VA, 8/19-8/26/17

The best trip we take all year!  Our one true vacation. No one compromises.
T & R, Chicago, IL, 8/19-8/26/17

I love knowing that when our daughter looks back on her childhood someday, that The Tyler Place will be one of her best memories!
S & S, Fairport, NY, 8/19-8/26/17

We love the mix of activities the Tyler Place has to offer. The kids thoroughly enjoyed group time and met many new friends. We loved “adult” time and the dedicated family time to explore and play together. We also met many new friends – which was awesome.
P & A, Bethesda, MD, 8/19-8/26/17

This is our 3rd non-consecutive year, and the T.P. is always highly anticipated in our house. All of the hard work the Tylers and staff do in the off-season is evident and appreciated. We are always in awe that you have thought of everything. From nightlights to stools in the bathroom, I always over pack, but one of these years I’ll accept that I don’t need to. My 6-year old also learned to ride a 2-wheeler without training wheels this week. (3 bike lessons did the trick.)  And went down the pool slide about 100 times with a lifeguard.  It was a pivotal and forever memorable week. Thank you!
M & S, Flemington, NJ, 8/19-8/26/17

Amazing, easy, wonderful, relaxing vacation where both parents and kids had a great time.
M & M, Needham, MA, 8/19-8/26/17

Best vacation ever for parents with small children.
— S & C, Wilmington, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

We have returned year after year because we enjoy what The Tyler Place does and is. It’s a fantastic vacation. The family hopes that a generation from now, the T.P. will be there for their children.
— S & A, Newport, NY, 8/5-8/12/17

We had a GREAT week. Staff was very helpful, food was great, activities were fun, kids had fun, etc.
— D & J, Asbury, NJ, 8/12-8/19/17

The Tyler Place was exactly what we were looking for and more. And it’s not just because of the free time for adults. It’s how easy they’ve made everything from meals to lessons to equipment. We don’t have to do any planning or organizing. It’s all done for you!
— M & A, Kensington, MD, 8/12-8/19/17

Good quality activities for all ages. Lovely staff and guests. Carefree vacation.
— U & F, Twyford, Winchester, England, 8/12-8/19/17

We enjoyed the adult organized trips/events/activities. The food was excellent!
— P & A, Bethesda, MD, 8/12-8/19/17

We adults feel like kids here. And the kids feel a sense of independence. The Tyler Place is a family vacation – not just a family trip.
— R & L, New York, NY, 8/12-8/19/17

We had a particularly great week. Thanks!
— D & K, New York, NY, 8/12-8/19/17

A week at The Tyler Place is a year’s worth of joy and renewal for your family.
— D & A, Culver City, CA, 8/12-8/19/17

Always my favorite week of the year! We love seeing old friends and meeting new friends in this super family-friendly, stress-free environment.  A++.
— G & K, Bethesda, MD, 8/12-8/19/17

The Tyler Place continues to be the highlight of our year: 3rd year running! Everyone in the family loves it every year. We all break new ground with adventures and selves we’ve never known!
G, Santa Monica, CA, 8/12-8/19/17

This is the only place that the entire family can have a vacation. This is a special place no matter what the ages of the children. They have loved every year from ages 3 to 16.
W & C, Philadelphia, PA, 8/12-8/19/17

We love the quiet pace, the ability to do as much or as little as you want and the chance to spend time together as a family – and a couple – away from it all.
P & R, Wynnewood, PA, 8/12-8/19/17

We love the opportunity to choose our own adventure at The Tyler Place for a week of relaxation, exercise, nature or lakeside views. It would be hard to say whether it’s an adult camp with awesome children or a kids’ camp with amazing activities for grownups. It’s perfect for the whole family!
M & T, Chapel Hill, NC, 8/12-8/19/17

We had SO much FUN!  We participated in so many activities and have developed wonderful, lasting friendships. This week was FULL of laughter and joy and adventure. We love The Tyler Place!
D & C, Philadelphia, PA, 8/12-8/19/17

We really love being here. Many thanks to ALL of the staff who work so hard for us to have an enjoyable, lovely and active vacation. We are truly able to relax and enjoy because of their hard work and care. Thank you!
— D & K, Arlington, VA, 8/12-8/19/17

Amazing staff. Attention to detail. Time to relax. Can do as much or as little; make new friends; meet interesting people and make lasting relationships.
S & L, Clinton, NJ, 8/12-8/19/17

The Tyler Place sounds great on paper. Then when you get here, you realize it’s amazing.
M & J, Darien, CT, 8/12-8/19/17

Staff is consistently top notch and helpful, even if it is not their job per se.
— K, Summit, NJ, 8/12-8/19/17

We loved our stay! This place is very special and we’ll try to come back for years to come!
— J & L, New York, NY, 8/12-8/19/17

As with each of the last five years, we leave The Tyler Place already looking forward to next year. Watching the kids grow up here is such an adventure. They are so confident and the T.P. now truly feels like an integral part of our family traditions!
M & J, Smiths, Bermuda, 8/12-8/19/17

Food, including variety, is excellent. You will eat very well. Amazing, friendly staff and counselors. The “Secret Sauce” is the kids’ programs!
 S & D, Roslyn, NY, 8/12-8/19/17

All 13 of our group, from 15 months to 75 years, had great experiences. We would like to especially thank The Tyler Place staff who found and assigned to us four accommodations (Inn #1, Quail, Goldeneye and Pintail) that turned out to be ideal for our family group. We can’t envision a better opportunity to have brought our family together for a 50th anniversary celebration. Thank you.
B & S, Wilmington, DE, 7/29-8/5/17

It’s one of the only places our  whole family gets a vacation. Usually my kids get a vacation and I just have a “trip”, because it’s so much work! Here I don’t worry or work and have just as much fun as my kids…maybe more!
 J & R, Bronxville, NY, 7/22-7/29/17

Great stay – as always. We really love it at The Tyler Place. 
— W & E, Arlington, VA, 8/5-8/12/17

Wonderful week. Options for dry and wet weather. Friendly staff. Children eager to leave for group each morning, reluctant to leave each night (and they sleep well). 
— J & A, Hanover, NH, 8/5-8/12/17

This was our first time and our entire family loved it! Our kids had so much fun and made so many new friends. We love how active our whole family was this entire week! 
— G & M, Davidson, NC, 8/5-8/12/17

Yes!  We enjoyed our stay!  The Tyler Place is incredible and everyone in the family loved it! 
— G & E, Hingham, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

Love the location, the ambience and seeing old friends and trying new experiences. It is like coming back to family and having a great time for all of us – kids and adults. Good times and good people in a great place. 
— I & Z, Riseley, Berkshire, England, 8/5-8/12/17

Great family vacation where they think of everything for all ages. 
— B & S, Providence, RI, 8/5-8/12/17

Coming back after 34 years was so much fun. Grandsons seemed to enjoy even more than kids 34 years ago.
— G & C, Northampton, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

A lovely time for families of all sizes. 
— J & C, Brooklyn, NY, 8/5-8/12/17

Excellent staff with positive attitudes always. Beautiful grounds and fun activities. Great food. Activities for all age levels. 
— D & S, McLean, VA, 8/5-8/12/17

This was a three-generation trip. So perfect for all of us! Our accommodations adjoined each other so we had much sharing time. Yet we each had time for our own interests, even napping! 
— M & E, New York, NY, 8/5-8/12/17

Like that it’s still a great vacation. Sad oldest is aging out. 
— G & D, Simsbury, CT, 8/5-8/12/17

I think this was the best week of my son’s entire life. 
— M & L, Stamford, CT, 8/5-8/12/17

Great as always! Thanks to Patrick and the Front Desk staff who were so responsive and helped to rearrange our events when the water went out. They saved our family photo! 
— T & K, Rockville, MD, 8/5-8/12/17

Lovely multi-generational holiday. 
— D & J, Esher, United Kingdom, 8/5-8/12/17

Another magical and wonderful week at the T.P. with family and friends. We love the traditions and new memories made every year. Thank you, Tyler Place! 
— N & D, South Windsor, CT, 8/5-8/12/17

This is a truly special place and extremely well run. The food is outstanding but it is the people: staff, counselors, and the other guests who make it unique. We felt welcome by everyone from the moment we arrived – whether new or returning families. 
— K & A, S. Hamilton, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

Our kids can’t imagine summer without The Tyler Place! 
— G & L, Irvington, NY, 8/5-8/12/17

As always, perfect blend of family, friends and downtime. Food was excellent. 
— C & E, Richmond, VT, 8/5-8/12/17

Every year we eagerly anticipate our week at The Tyler place as the best week of the year, and every year you exceed our expectations. 2017 is another unforgettable week at The Tyler Place. 
— J & C, Malvern, PA, 8/5-8/12/17

What an enjoyable vacation for both parents and children! We met so many wonderful people and we can’t wait to return next year! 
— S & S, Winchester, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

We loved our stay. Our children had just as much fun as we did, so I never felt like they were missing out. 
— J & C, Charleston, SC, 8/5-8/12/17

The Tyler Place is a special place – the accommodations, programs, staff and all the friends you make from all over the country and beyond is wonderful. Thank you for creating the means for our family to make lasting memories and friends! 
— P & C, Wilmette, IL, 8/5-8/12/17

The kids jump into their groups and are happy from minute one! They never stop smiling! 
— T & K, Weston, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

As Kundera once wrote, “Le Bonheur est desir de repetition”. That’s The Tyler Place for us. Quote from our son, “I love this place. It’s the only place I love.” 
— O & E, Paris, France, 8/5-8/12/17

Best family vacation EVER! 
— R & C, Winchester, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

The entire week, from beginning to end, is so thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable because of the environment the T.P. fosters. We have made life-long friends here and also very much look forward to seeing all of the other guests because everyone makes such an effort to be friendly and to continue the special Tyler Place experience we look forward to year after year. Our kids are 6 and 8 and we wish we started coming when they were toddlers. Thank you for an amazing stay. 
— G & M, Andover, MA, 8/5-8/12/17

The food is amazing: fresh, tasty, so much variety! I come home so disappointed in my own family cooking! The friends my kids have made (and adults, too, over multiple years) are very special.  My kids’ happiness and looking forward to The Tyler Place brings us back every year. It’s a wonderful culture and very well run.
— M & M, Greenwich, CT, 7/8-7/15/17

The Tyler Place is a true vacation for everyone! Special thanks for Osheen (works in kitchen) for teaching our boys some awesome soccer moves!
K & L, Denver, CO, 7/29-8/5/17

We return year after year because this is the most relaxing family vacation spot. There is wholesome fun, excellent food, and no need to plan/make decisions for an entire week.
— S & M, Chapel Hill, NC, 7/29-8/5/17

Things I loved: bed topper was great; ample A.C., house was ready early; water quality much improved; flowers and grounds were spectacular. The staff is SO incredible – everyone, especially Patrick, Abeama, Jake and Irish woman at Front Desk, Reece, Paddy, Bethany, Dena and rest of staff.
M & J, Farmington, CT, 7/29-8/5/17

We love the opportunity for quiet relaxation – reading a book in a hammock all morning – and watching our children stretch themselves – conquer the “doom drop” slide, bike alone with friends, walk themselves to camp. It’s a great place to be a family for a week.
— S & J, Brooklyn, NY, 7/29-8/5/17

We feel at home the second we drive past The Tyler Place sign. We’ve made friends for life and can’t imagine a summer without the T.P.
— B & R, Newark, DE, 7/29-8/5/17

As a family-run resort, The Tyler Place makes sure each guest has a wonderful vacation and makes lasting family memories.
J & L, Scarsdale, NY, 7/29-8/5/17

This was our first time at The Tyler Place and we had a WONDERFUL week. Everyone was happy.  You can be as active as you choose with a wide variety of options. Not having to think about meals is heaven (and the food was delicious). The staff couldn’t have been better. Traveling with small children can be very hard work – the T.P. takes the work away and just lets you have fun. The week was truly like summer camp for all of us. I loved watching families zip around on the 1-speed bikes. It has a quaint, almost old-fashioned feel that is welcome in today’s dizzying pace. We relaxed, played and enjoyed meeting all the other interesting guests. We look forward to coming back. Our 3-year old said, “We have to come back to this place.”
N & W, Fuller, NC, 7/29-8/5/17

We had so much fun and don’t want to leave. The kids enjoyed hanging out with other teens and loved group activities. We had planned on this being our last year due to school obligations (they start in 10 days). But we can’t bear the thought of not coming back in week #10 next year.
S & V, Mableton, GA, 7/29-8/5/17

Best week of the year for our family!
M & L, Westport, CT, 7/29-8/5/17

A gem of a vacation spot, which we feel blessed to have found. Well managed, excellent food and such a variety of adult activities…it’s a place for everyone
C & S, Brentwood, TN, 7/29-8/5/17

The Tyler Place is really magical. I have built deep, lasting friendships with people I have met here and had amazing memories with my family. In our house the countdown to come back to the T.P. begins when we drive away.
K, Needham, MA, 7/29-8/5/17

Our week at The Tyler Place is our family’s favorite week of the year. It is a great pleasure to return year after year.
M & J, Chevy Chase, MD, 7/29-8/5/17

I want to commend Conner for his help with my son’s bicycle. It was a little thing, but it made a big impression. On Monday, we went to exchange my son’s bike with a broken kickstand for another bicycle. A combination of the heat, the lack of sleep and impatient parents reduced my son to tears. There were no more boy bikes except another broken one. The bike shop guys were busy with other people. Conner was walking by on his way to lead a nature tour and saw my son, got down on one knee and kindly spoke to him. My son calmed down and Conner quickly got to replacing the broken kickstand.  It was hot, it was dirty and it likely wasn’t his job. But it was well appreciated.
S & G, Norman, OK, 7/29-8/5/17

We enjoy the adult activities offered and of course, the time spent with other guests. We have found kindred spirits here in week 10 and we are happy to see them every year.
S & C, Lincoln, CA, 7/29-8/5/17

We LOVED our stay at The Tyler Place. It was our best family vacation and the bar has now been set very high. The kids made some amazing memories and already started talking about coming back next year on day 2. A unique and nostalgic summer camp experience!
J & T, Brookfield, WI, 7/29-8/5/17

The staff is amazing and very helpful. Our children don’t want to leave.
D & H, Charlotte, NC, 7/29-8/5/17

We just had our 20th year at The Tyler Place and it’s only gotten better! We are amazed at how Tyler Place has been able to provide the most amazing vacations for our whole family for so many years with children of all different ages.
W & M, Arlington, MA, 7/29-8/5/17

Our 5th year was even more fantastic than our first. We all had a wonderful time relaxing, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.
— M & H, Havertown, PA, Margaret, 7/29-8/5/17

This is a brilliant idea!  I can’t believe how nice everyone was, from the kids’ counselors to the staff, to the other guests.  What a lovely week! I’m going home to rave about you guys!  Don’t be surprised if a few of our friends try to come next year!
D & N, Wilmington, DE, 7/29-8/5/17

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect other than some family time and a detox from devices.  We got that – and much more! We enjoyed a variety of activities as well as social time with other couples.
K & H, Edmond, OK, 7/29-8/5/17

We love that you provide a sick sitter so the whole family can still enjoy the T.P. vacation even if someone gets sick.
J & A, Richmond, VT, 7/29-8/5/17

Each year we find something new to love or appreciate about The Tyler Place. As city dwellers I have come to love seeing the independence and confidence my children gain in the week they are here. The oldest one can ride to and from her camp with friends and this year she started escorting her little brother to camp in the a.m. and p.m. Nowhere else do I let my city kids roam so freely with their friends. And we as a couple have come to value and count on our time to reconnect.
T & M, Chicago, IL, 7/29-8/5/17

This is the first vacation with three small children that actually felt like a vacation for my husband and I.  We got to reconnect and meet new friends, our kids got to play all day and we got to eat with other adults. It was amazing! The biggest reason I love this place is the Parent Helper program…
M & K, Niles, IL, 7/29-8/5/17

It’s awesome!  We can’t wait to come back next year. Let the countdown to The Tyler Place, 2018 begin…
G & R, Lexington, MA, 7/29-8/5/17

We had a blast and we plan to return next year! You can feel the love and passion that the Tylers have for their resort, the kindness and their brand. Lovely place!
E & K, Melrose, MA, 7/29-8/5/17

We look forward to coming to The Tyler Place all year long. Our kids talked about it for weeks and months before we arrived and talk about it for weeks and months after!
J & M, FPO, APO, 96349, 7/22-7/29/17

I cannot say enough good things about The Tyler Place. It has been so fun to watch our kids’ confidence grow because they can be so independent in such a safe, fun environment. They love the camps and we love the friends we’ve all made.
M & T, Fayston, VT, 7/22-7/29/17

A marvelous pocket of paradise for families. To zero in: total family orientation, wonderful range of activities for children and adults, consistently really good food, clean, well kept premises, friendliness and helpfulness of all staff and other guests, beautiful common areas and landscaping and childcare: Wow!
— J, Kingston, Ontario, CN, 7/22-7/29/17

Great place to get to know our grandchildren.
— D & G, Tavares, FL, 7/22-7/29/17

The staff is spectacular. We can tell that they love being here as much as we do.
— M & H, Milton, MA, 7/22-7/29/17

In a word: Perfection! After 10 summers we aren’t hesitating to sign up for #11.
— M & S, Montclair, NJ, 7/22-7/29/17

The Tyler Place offers up the opportunity to truly disconnect and lose track of time. We look forward to a week of relaxing, trying new things and letting our kids gain independence. We leave feeling relaxed and rested – not something we can say of most vacations.
— D & K, Cranston, RI, 7/22-7/29/17

As first time guests, we were blown away by the total experience of The Tyler Place. The sense of community that is fostered by the T.P. team is priceless…from the Front Desk to the kids’ counselors, to adult sports staff. Everyone is kind, courteous and very helpful. Thank you for having the coaster bikes, laundry service and candid photography available. Kids loved the putter golf course! Our family LOVED the lake trampoline, Sui-Slide, Ninja course on the water.  Soooo fun!  Laura & Mark were awesome bike lesson teachers! We loved Zoran. He was great!!
— T & J, Georgetown, MA, 7/22-7/29/17

Excellent service and ambiance. My kids loved every minute of it – the sense of safety that allowed us to give our kids freedom. The food was outstanding, but the best thing about The Tyler Place is the genuinely kind, helpful, respectful, trustworthy and fun staff.
— I & K, Portland, OR, 7/22-7/29/17

We love our time at The Tyler Place. We enjoy the family atmosphere and the emphasis on taking time for mom and dad. The kids always have a blast, enjoy making friends and memories. It’s our favorite vacation!
—  A & R, Westport, CT, 7/22-7/29/17

The Tyler Place is definitely a one-of-a-kind destination. Where else can you find a summer camp for the whole family? It’s the best Vermont has to offer and it’s done with style and enthusiasm down to the last detail. You can’t find a better vacation!
— M & J, Clinton, CT, 7/22-7/29/17

Thank you so much for having us. We have been looking forward to returning all year and we had a ball all over again!
— D & S, Atlanta, GA, 7/22-7/29/17

Great week as always. We look forward to it every year. Everyone has fun and we’ve built up great friendships over the years.
— N & N, East Lyme, CT, 7/22-7/29/17

Always a wonderful vacation for the whole family.
— R & H, Locust Valley, NY, 7/22-7/29/17

This is our 7th year and this year was really special because our kids both really enjoyed themselves, seem to be developing special friendships and taking risks and exercising their independence in an amazing way!
— R & S, Bethesda, MD, 7/22-7/29/17

Big thanks to WIFI across resort. Allows for easy access to update pictures.
— R & B, Newark, DE, 7/22-7/29/17

My kids always enjoy the camps and the friends they meet. The exercise classes help me stay on track while on vacation and still feel like I’m on vacation.
— B & H, Lake Charles, LA, 7/22-7/29/17

We love everything about The Tyler Place. It’s like coming home when we arrive and while we’re here. Incredibly friendly staff, GREAT food, excellent bartender in Hector. Just a beautiful place to be fortunate enough to have found and which we hope to be coming back to for many years to come. As I was walking “home” last night our grandson said: “I can’t wait to come back next year”. We feel the same.
— J & C, Washington, DC, 7/22-7/29/17

After our third visit all I can say is never stop running Tyler Place!
— D & J, Sudbury, MA, 7/22-7/29/17

We love The Tyler Place!  P.S. The chocolate bread pudding was our favorite dessert this year!
— B & G, Houston, TX, 7/22-7/29/17

We treasure this week and it gets better every year as friendships deepen and we become more nostalgic about the elements of this magical place. We love it here!
— K & K, Newtown, CT, 7/22-7/29/17

Excellent! Great family vacation – structured so that moms and dads have plenty of time to enjoy each other separately AND with their children.
— J, Tallahassee, FL, 7/22-7/29/17

When we first came to The Tyler Place three years ago, we planned on it being a once-only trip. We just signed up for our 4th year in a row and can’t see us not coming back every year.
— J & E, Kamloops, British Columbia, CN, 7/22-7/29/17

We had a wonderful time.
— R & N, New Orleans, LA, 7/22-/729/17

We love The Tyler Place! The staff is so friendly, attentive and engaged with the kids. As parents we are able to relax and really enjoy our time because we see how happy our kids are. We are able to give the kids freedom and independence that fosters self reliance and social skills. We love that when we pull into the T.P., the kids jump out of the car and take off and we don’t worry!
— D & R, Newtonville, MA, 7/1-7/8/17


The Tyler Place is a well oiled machine! Organized, efficient and super fun. Adult instructors are top notch – especially “off campus” ones (fly casting, archery, skeet, etc.). Local and fully invested. Meals are varied and delicious. Staff so willing and able. A++!!
— R & N, Davidson, NC, 7-8-7/15/17

This is our 9th year at The Tyler Place and every year we love it as much as the first. I have met some of my very best friends here, and I think the family memories we have created are incredible.
— P & J, McLean, VA, 7-8-7/15/17

We came to The Tyler Place in the ’70’s with our three children. For the last 12 years we returned with our three children, their spouses and six grandchildren. We’ve created lifelong memories for all. Our annual trip to the T.P. has always been the highlight of our summer.
— L & S, Massapequa Park, NY, 7-8/7/15/17

Our 2nd year was even better than the first! The Tyler Place is a special place. We can’t wait to come back.
— N & M, Charlotte, NC, 7-1-7/8/17

Fantastic family vacation.  Every convenience has been thought of. Exceptional food.
— M & Y, Paradise Valley, AZ, 7/8-7/15/17

Another magical year at The Tyler Place – especially love the lake activities – swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking. Tennis pro, Jake, excellent. Loved the bird walk with Bridget. Food superb – great salad bar. Fresh oyster and lobster night our favorite. The bad weather Wednesday through Friday has been disappointing!
— W & C, Virginia Beach, VA, 7/8-7/15/17

The cocktail hour appetizers were really good this year. Crab dip was yummy.
— M & R, Tampa, FL, 7/8-7/15/17

Another wonderful stay at The Tyler Place. The T.P. clearly has children and family needs in mind. Both kids and parents had a wonderful time.
— B & A, Broomfield, CO, 7/8-7/15/17

Good beer selection. Excellent family activities. Would love classes like Zumba and an extra hour of childcare for late afternoon exercise.
— R & J, New York, NY, 7/8-7/15/17

I love how much my kids love this place. If they are happy, I’m happy. Something for everyone!
— C, New York, NY, 7/8-7/15/17

We are relatively new to The Tyler Place (2nd year), but we really enjoyed catching up with families we met last year, as did our children. We were very happy to see the level of planning and service remained excellent. We are already planning year three!
— K & A, Willington, CT, 7/8-7/15/17

We really enjoyed our stay at The Tyler Place. As first time guests, we were made to feel welcome from the start by the staff and other guests. Our kids loved the activities and we thoroughly enjoyed the facilities, adult activities and mealtimes! Thanks for a great vacation.
— M & E, Sayville, NY, 7/8-7/15/17

Love staff. Love activities and the choices.
— M, Graysonville, MD, 7/8-7/15/17

The best part of The Tyler Place is the PEOPLE!  The fellow guests as well as the amazing staff.  My stranger-averse 3-year old LOVED the Jr. Moppet staff.
— C & H, Tucson, AZ, 7/8-7/15/17

It’s our 9th year and we LOVE The Tyler Place! It’s part of our family and part of our family’s traditions. We’ve made lifelong friends.
— R & J, West Hartford, CT, 7/8-7/15/17

It’s the only REAL vacation we are able to take!
— R & K, Andover, MA, 7/8-7/15/17

We can’t wait to come back each year!!
— R & S, Brooklyn, NY, 7/8-7/15/17

Loved every minute! We tried new activities and sports. The food was always delicious. Children are always well taken care of. Not one detail of this place was missed.
— D & A, Garden Grove, CA, 7/8-7/15/17

Everything is wonderful.
— M & C, Colleyville, TX, 7/8-7/15/17

Thank you for another fantastic week.
— A & E, Arkadelphia, AR, 7/8-7/15/17

The staff and returning guests were so welcoming, which helps because we were nervous about being among so many returners. The activities and people were so engaging. The time flew by and all four of us had an awesome vacation.
— E & K, Coopersburg, PA, 7/8-7/15/17

The Tyler Place is the only vacation I count on where I can truly relax.
— T & E, Basking Ridge, NJ, 7/8-7/15/17

We had a great time!
— R & E, Washington, DC, 7/8-7/15/17

Truly the best family vacation – everyone has fun, learns something new and makes new friends!
— K & R, Charleston, SC, 7/8-7/15/17

The best family “camping” resort there is. We are lucky that we live close enough to drive!
— T & P, Pittsfield, MA, 7/8-7/15/17

Great low-key vacation destination for families with that all-important adults-only time. Kid counselors and adult counselors were great and fun to be around.
— B & J, Washington, DC, 7/8-7/15/17

Like ability to give our son some freedom. Like Hobie Cat; hot tub. Great counselors for kids’ programs.
— D & C, Apex, NC, 7/8-7/15/17

We love everything about The Tyler Place, as do our kids! Looking forward to the next visit!
— R & V, Glen Rock, NJ, 7/8-7/15/17

All excellent – really beyond my expectations. Facilities & people: superb.
— A & K, Toronto, ON, CN, 7/8-7/15/17

We love the consistent quality. This is a highly well organized operation that looks low key and relaxed. All over the property at any time there are so many top quality activities happening simultaneously run by excellent leaders. Fun!
— J & A, Toronto, ON, CN, 7/8-7/15/17

The Tyler Place is the best! You can’t get a better vacation for your family. It offers your kids everything you would want them to have during a summer vacation and the kids’ activities are engaging and plentiful. They don’t get bored. The T.P. also offers amazing adult activities so no one is ever bored.
— C & R, Bethesda, MD, 7/8-7/15/17

We finally had a vacation the ENTIRE family could enjoy. There was something for everyone.
— E & L, Cypress, TX, 7/8-7/15/17

Outstanding service (very warm); activities for kids and adults and the food…wow!
— T & A, Broomfield, CO, 7/8-7/15/17

It’s been an excellent 12 years!! Many thanks!
— M & J, Sewell, NJ, 7/8-7/15/17

We love everything: the people, the staff, the activities, the sunsets, the adult time, the relaxing, the family time, the independence for the kids, even the thunderstorms.
— C & R, Cincinnati, OH, 7/8-7/15/17

The Tyler Place is great. Were that all organizations were so well run.
— F & P, Old Mystic, CT, 7/8-7/15/17

My family anxiously awaits our yearly Tyler Place vacation. After 7 years, we pull in and feel at home. It never gets old. The Tylers know how to offer a family-friendly, laid back yet adventurous vacation. We can’t wait for summer 2018.
— K & K, Largo, FL, 7/1-7/8/17

There is simply no better place to spend a week with your family.
— J & D, Greenville, DE, 7/1-7/8/17

Thank you for giving our children 10 years of memories.
— J & M, Ivoryton, CT, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place has thought of everything!  Down to the last details like sunscreen and bug spray and artfully folded towels. It’s simply the best service anywhere, which makes for the most relaxing vacation possible. At the T.P. every member of our family is happy because we can be adventurous, crafty, sporty or just plain lazy, while someone else does the planning and logistics for us.
— B & K, Brookville, MD, 7/1-7/8/17

Perfect balance of independence and all-inclusive.
— R & J, Orlando, FL, 7/1-7/8/17

This was our 9th year coming to the T.P. The Tyler family and guests were so supportive over the last year for my entire family. This place is special. Thank you for the continued love even when we leave this special place. We continue to count the days until next year!
— C & A, Austin, TX, 7/1-7/8/17

We look forward to our Tyler Place stay the minute we head back home each year. We love coming every year to see new and familiar faces. It is truly our happy place!
— B & C, Newton, MA, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place brings people together in a way that is unexplainable! Obviously, we met here and then married but as guests we have met and made such DEAR friends that will always be in our lives and in our children’s lives! It is such a special place!
— B  & K, Greenville, SC, 7/1-7/8/17

Sombrero raft is awesome! Like the change up wine selection.
— F & K, Red Hook, NY, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place is such a gift. A place where memories are made…thanks for another great week!
— M & J, Hockessin, DE, 7/1-7/8/17

We all had so much fun! We start counting down the minutes until we get to return next year as soon as we pull out of the driveway.
— R & K, Wilmington, DE, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place is the highlight of our year. We love seeing the same friends back each year and meeting new families. Our kids love the independence they have here to explore and meet new friends.
— R & C, Newton, MA, 7/1-7/8/17

This was our 4th year at The Tyler Place and it just keeps getting better and better. Everyone in our week is so friendly. The activities are great. Kids are in heaven and make/see friends every year. Our favorite vacation every year! Love The Tyler Place! See you in 2018!
— C & J, Newton, MA, 7/1-7/8/17

Keep the great recipe for a wonderful vacation experience!
— P & K, Falls Church, VA, 7/1-7/8/17

Wonderful friends. Wonderful place! It gets better every year!
— G & L, Darien, CT, 7/1-7/8/17

We are from New York City and consequently our kids don’t have much opportunity to travel back and forth on their own – for safety reasons. One of the biggest appeals of Tyler Place is that they bike to and from group and to our cabin to the general store, to the lake, on their own. Our 10-year old on July 4th proudly proclaimed: “It’s Independence Day! And I got my independence!” Because she was able to navigate the grounds of Tyler Place completely on her own, riding her bike.
— B & A, New York, NY, 7/1-7/8/17

We were thinking of traveling to Greece next summer, but everyone said they’d rather come back to the T.P. instead. Best vacation EVER!
— C & S, Harvard, MA, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place is such a treasure. It’s an amazing place, unlike no other. As always thank you – it was a fantastic week!
— D & K, Wayne, PA, 7/1-7/8/17

Thank you for making our week feel so special. I’m sure everyone – every week – feels the same.
— S & D, Mercer Island, WA, 7/1-7/8/17

Another fun year with great friends.
— P & A, Brooklyn, NY, 7/1-7/8/17

The BEST family vacation we’ve ever taken! We all leave happy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with our family.
— B & S, The Woodlands, TX, 7/1-7/8/17

The Tyler Place – a true vacation for families where every age kid has a blast and  the parents get to know one another again.
— K & L, Westfield, NJ, 7/1-7/8/17

We simply love it here!
— A & S, Palm City, FL, 7/1-7/8/17

Impeccable services and great childrens’ programs.
— R & X, Dix Hills, NY, 7/1-7/8/17

Year #5 was great. We love watching our kids learn and do so much.
— A & K, Lutz, FL, 7/1-7/8/17

I was really impressed with the staff, the high level of organization of virtually everything. For me this is a whole new way to have a vacation. My daughter was on cloud 9 and I had a great time, too, with all the excellent facilities. The food was generally excellent. Lots of interesting guests!
— B, Santa Cruz, CA, 7//1-7/8/17

I feel that the chef has really upped his/her game this year. The food was outstanding. Pasta bar – excellent idea.
— J & D, Los Angeles, CA, 6/24-7/1/17

We love it here. Even two weeks feels like not enough time.
— S & M, Hidden Hills, CA, 6/24-7/8/17

The staff were wonderful and our entire family loved the trip. The kids’ programs, even for our 3-year old, were comprehensive and carefully thought out and wonderfully executed. Great variety of water toys on the lake.
— R & J, Chantilly, VA, 6/17-6/24/17

After 18 years at Tyler Place we still look forward to our week here. It’s not the beautiful grounds, the amazing recreational opportunities or the fabulous food that has us return summer after summer, but the culture of the Tylers – how seriously they take your vacation and their willingness to go out of their way so that you can have a great, stressless week with your family and the friends you meet there.
— J & R, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

Best camp for kids!  Super fun!
— R & A, New York, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

Staff and the guests make this place. This is by far the best of guests we’ve been with. Lots of fun doing activities with them and staff.
— K, Studio City, CA, 6/24-7/1/17

The Tyler Place always enables us to have an actual vacation. We come back each year knowing that we will all have a great time.
— R & A, Phoenix, AZ, 6/24-7/1/17

This was our family’s 16th year at the T.P. and it is still as magical an experience as ever!
— A & R, New York, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

I enjoyed the trip to the maple syrup farm more than anything.
— F & L, Tallahassee, FL, 6/24-7/1/17

The Tyler Place is a very special place where children and adults can truly enjoy a variety of activities, new friends, alone time and time with loved ones.
— L& E, Champaign, IL, 6/24-7/1/17

Tyler Place overall is an amazing place for families. We have made unforgettable memories and friends through the years.
— L & M, Shavano Park, TX, 6/24-7/1/17

Everyone in my family is happy at the T.P. We haven’t taken another vacation where all 4 of our daughters are happy and looking forward to the entire trip. That makes T.P. Number 1!
— C & M, Land O’Lakes, FL, 6/24-7/1/17

Another great year and the highlight of our summer – for all five of us! It wouldn’t be summer without Tyler Place!
— C & S, Orlando, FL, 6/24-7/1/17

Yet again, THANK YOU for a truly memorable family vacation!! TP 2017!! See ya next year!
— S & E, West Point, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

Four years in a row now and we wouldn’t think about doing something else!!
— M & M, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

The T.P. provides a wonderful balance between family time, kid time and adult time so everyone has a great time both separately and together.
— R & A, Nottingham, PA, 6/24-7/1/17

One thing we have come to really enjoy at the T.P. is the ability to allow our children some freedoms that we are unable to allow where we live – like the freedom to ride their bike to Martin’s with their friends. It is a great way for the kids to practice some independence while still being in an environment where really everyone is looking out for each other.
— J & M, Bethesda, MD, 6/24-7/1/17

As our children have gotten older we continue to appreciate the special sauce of The Tyler Place – the right balance of personal, couple and family time – and have come to appreciate even more the special friendships that have formed here.
— J & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/24-7/1/17

Our third year at The Tyler place didn’t disappoint.  It’s our favorite week of the year. We love the facilities, the other families and the childrens, adult and family programs. Can’t wait to be back again next year. The Tylers have created something truly unique and special.
— L & A, West Hartford, CT, 6/24-7/1/17

Perfect balance of scenic outdoor, New England hospitality and parent adult time balanced with kid time.
— S & K, Raleigh, NC, 6/24-7/1/17

This has been our best family vacation we’ve ever taken! Kids had fun, we got to relax and everyone “unplugged”. The most surprising part for us was the people – we met so many fun, intelligent, interesting and warm people on this trip. The activities were so well thought out and varied enough that there is something for everyone. The staff is amazingly friendly and fun.  Oh, and did I mention 21 meals without your kids? Enough said.
— T & K, Clovis, CA, 6/24-7/1/17

We love The Tyler Place. It’s the only vacation that we all have the best time (adults and kids!). We try new things we’ve never done before and meet great, new people each year.
— C & K, Melrose, MA, 6/24-7/1/17

Always a great vacation year after year.
— M & J, St. Petersburg, FL, 6/24-7/1/17

Great family experience.  Highly recommended.
— R & G, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24-7/1/17

The Tyler Place is the BEST family vacation! It’s a great mix of family time and couples time. Perfect!
— C & K, Yardley, PA, 6/24-7/1/17

21 peaceful meals. Tons of activities. Kids gain independence and confidence: priceless.
— J & E, Bethesda, MD, 6/24-7/1/17

Love the bikes! We had a great time cruising around all week. Great water activities – tons of variety for kids and adults. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! Thank you!!
— C & S, Golden, CO, 6/24-7/1/17

It was our first time at The Tyler Place and we felt very welcomed by all. This place has an amazing culture of fun, inclusiveness and sweet adult and “me time”. We were very impressed.
— D & J, Berkeley, CA, 6/24-7/1/17

Loved our sitter! Really liked the families we met. Staff was very attentive in the adult activities. Food was great. It’s a wonderful place to be and enjoy family time and parent time.
— J & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/24-7/1/17

Comfortable, reliable, fantastic vacation.
— D & O, Arlington, VA, 6/24-7/1/17

We love the sense of independence that we can give our children while we are here as it is such a safe environment. We watch them grow every year they are here. Our son learned to ride his bike here last year and then did the 8.8 mile leg of the Duckman this year. After he said it was the best day of his life! Moments like that and the pure looks of happiness on our kids’ faces (especially while on the Sombrero) are what make this place so special to us. We don’t witness that on any other vacation!
— S & L, Georgia, VT, 6/17-6/24/17

Our vacation exceeded expectations by a mile! Our family can’t wait to come back next year!
— A & K, Carmel, NY, 6/17-6/24/17

The friendships we made over the last two years; outdoor activities; balance between family and adult time; meals.
— R & N, Roseville, CA, 6/3-6/10/17

Relaxing and fulfilling vacation for the entire family. We all look forward to returning every year.
— A & M, Spring, TX, 6/17-6/24/17

The cabin keeps getting better; the options for lake time activities are phenomenal and extensive; the staff are incredibly attentive; the dining experience is first rate.
— D & A, Hampton, ME, 6/17-6/24/17

The social interaction at The Tyler Place is tremendous for us and our son as well. In 15 years of coming here we have all always had a ball, even as our son has grown from toddler to young adult!
— M & S, Chicago, IL, 6/17-6/24/17

Of course, we had an amazing time as always and we are so grateful you work so hard on making this place MAGICAL and sharing it with us.
— K & E, Brooklyn, NY, 6/17-6/24/17

Making new friends. Inviting nature of guests and staff. Special props to Laura and Jonesy! Kid-free meals and adult conversation. Variety of activities – to everyone’s liking. Great programs for the kids.
— P & S, Philadelphia, PA, 6/17-6/24/17

Loved the new Senior (grades 3 and 4) room.
— E & R, Kensington, MD, 6/17-6/24/17

Lake staff and activities are amazing – the answer is always “yes” anytime you want to do something. Loved the exercise classes!  Breakfast yogurt/granola/fruit is awesome. Champagne cruise was beautiful and fun.
— J & T, New Hope, PA, 6/17-6/24/17

Somehow The Tyler Place seems to get better every year! Can’t wait to come back.
— J & P, Winter Park, FL, 6/17-6/24/17

When we pulled onto Old Dock Road and the older kids saw the T.P. sign, they cheered. Our youngest, who had been engrossed in a game on his iPad, ripped off his headphones and threw both the headphones and iPad onto the floor of the car, raised his little fists in the air and cheered: “Tyler Place!”
— S & C, Bethesda, MD, 6/17-6/24/17

Rain or shine, there is always a smile on everyone’s face. It is a vacation that the entire family looks forward to!
— J & G, Lattingtown, NY, 6/17-6/24/17

The Tyler Place has been a yearly gem in my family’s summer for over 12 years now. We are so grateful to Tyler Place for nurturing each of our family of six. Thank you!
— K & H, New Orleans, LA, 6/17-6/24/17

This is a magical place that is an integral part of our life. We cherish our memories here and we thank each and every one of your staff for making our stay so pleasurable.
— J & K, Metairie, LA, 6/17-6/24/17

Our entire family absolutely love The Tyler Place. Our 9-year old says every day is the BEST day!  It is perfection defined – don’t change a thing!
— A & A, Woodside, CA, 6/17-6/24/17

We wait all year for our one special week at the T.P., and it is never long enough. As this is our 14th time at The Tyler Place, it is part of our family history – our summer week at T.P. and we are SO happy to have the memories. Thank you for what you do and for what you mean to us all.
— R & D, Libertyville, IL, 6/17-6/24/17

All the wonderful memories of camp I had as a kid remade as an adult.
— R & E, New York, NY, 6/17-6/24/17

It was great having lots of organized activities to do if you want, while also being free to break out on your own to do other things. And the kids were in such good hands and had a much better time than in any other program you can think of. And the other guests were amazingly friendly!
— G & C, McLean, VA, 6/17-6/24/17

The Tyler Place is full service – don’t have to lift a finger. Food is cooked; multiple menu selections. Don’t have to think; unlimited choices. Inn is great – close, convenient good value and A.C. is good, white noise.
— N & K, Sierra Madre, CA, 6/17-6/24/17

Wonderful time for family and friends. I am so glad our children bring their children here each year. The surroundings, trees and landscaping are glorious.
— K & S, Kingwood, TX, Janna, 6/17-6/24/17

The Tyler Place is a haven for our family. A place where children run free without their noses pressed to phones and parents get to have conversations that have been on hold. It’s where we reconnect as a family and recharge for the next year.
— N & L, Kingwood, TX, 6/17-6/24/17

Friendships started at The Tyler Place are everlasting!
— T & C, Ringoes, NJ, 6/17-6/24/17

Another fantastic week at The Tyler Place! The kids love it as much as the adults. Can’t wait for 2018. What make the T.P. so special are the people that work there. From the dining staff to the counselors – all are friendly, helpful and always look like they are happy to be there.
— J & V, Syosset, NY, 6/17-6/24/17

We loved our stay at Tyler Place. It gave us the perfect balance between vacation and family time.
— C & J, Leander, TX, 6/17-6/24/17

It is clear a LOT of thought and care goes into running the T.P. I wouldn’t change anything. Thanks so much for having us!
— E & B, Richmond, VA, 6/17-6/24/17

We appreciate the variety of opportunities to renew our minds, bodies and inner child every year at The Tyler Place!
— D & A, Edmond, OK, 6/17-6/24/17

This has been our absolute favorite family vacation spot. Every activity and detail has been well planned and thought out – and it shows! Both the kids and adults have an incredible time and we continue to appreciate the kindness of both staff and guests at The Tyler Place.
— J & K, Ambler, PA, 6/17-6/24/17

We love everything about T.P.!
— A & J, West Chester, OH, 6/17-6/24/17

Had a great week! Tons of fun for kids and adults! Really unique vacation.
— R & L, Cary, NC, 6/17-6/24/17

13 years and we just can’t quit you!  We love it.  We love our friends, our T.P. “family” and our “kids” still want to join us and enjoy all the pleasures of a T.P. week. See you next year.
— K & A, Houston, TX, 6/17-6/24/17

Incredibly well run. No complaints. Thank you for everything! And thank you for the cut above food and children’s programs.
— D & G, Madison, WI, 6/17-6/24/17

This is our 10th year and it is still our best week as a family for the entire year.
— D & L, Wilmington, DE, 6/17-6/24/17

Love the counselors and kids’ camp/programs. Love the dock and ease of use. Beautiful setting.
— J & H, Bradenton, FL, 6/17-6/24/17

The Tyler Place turns trips into an actual vacation.
— A & D, San Francisco, CA, 6/10-6/17/17

The Tyler Place was exactly what we were looking for. We love it so much that we plan on coming until our children have children!
— R & J, Landenberg, PA, 6/10/17-6/24/17

We had an amazing first visit to The Tyler Place and we can’t wait to return! Thank you to everyone!
— C & S, Raleigh, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

The little things are noticed – beautiful flowers, cadence of week, good blend of activities, delicious food.
— W & J, Longwood, FL, 6/10-6/17/17

Just as great year #2 as year #1!
— M & K, Chula Vista, CA, 6/10-6/17/17

Loved the programs for the bigger kids. Great balance of family time and separate time fun for us all to make new friends!
— B & A, Durham, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

We started when our son was five and won’t ever stop coming! Greatest family vacation spot – truly authentic summer camp experience with perfect balance of adult and family time.
— T & S, Mableton, GA, 6/10-6/17/17

As usual, very wonderful – family happy.
— R & S, Shreveport, LA, 6/10-6/17/17

This was our second week/year at The Tyler Place. We can’t wait for our third!
— J & M, Chapel Hill, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

Due to issue with a pinched nerve in my neck I had to limit my usual heavy physical activities this year even though I found there to always be an interesting and fun alternative activity each day. Thank you for that!
— J & H, Apex, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

The childcare quality and programs are outstanding and allows the trip to be an actual vacation.
— E & K, New York, NY, 6/10-6/17/17

Especially loved the bike riding, all the activities and lots of places to just sit and relax. The bike riding system. The boat dock system.
— P & E, Riverview, FL, 6/10-6/17/17

Best vacation we’ve had since our kid was born.
— P & M, Robbinsville, NJ, 6/10-6/17/17

Great variety of activities for all sorts of weather. Staff very helpful, energetic and fun. Great job keeping everything clean around here! We love waterfront staff, pirates, a/k/a cruises!
— E & J, Bloomfield Township, MI, 6/10-6/17/17

The strong culture of The Tyler Place continues to promise the best family vacation experience.  Staff/guest relationship and interaction is unlike any other place.
— T & M, Dallas, TX, 6/10-6/17/17

The Tyler Place is all around wonderful for ALL members of our family.
— S & K, Durham, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

This is our favorite week of the year. Our children are so happy here and we love watching them have good, clean, old-fashioned fun. We cherish the ability to truly relax and enjoy ourselves as well since we know our kids are so well taken care of and we truly feel like “part of the family.”
— O & A, Roswell, GA, 6/10-6/17/17

The attention to detail…step stool in bathroom for little guy, bed rail on bed for him, cabin clean and neat. We didn’t have to think about what we were going to do each day or where we were going to eat. It was all right here. Loved that our kids got up looking forward to going to their group.
— S & R, Niceville, FL, 6/10-6/17/17

The Tyler Place is a true vacation for the whole family! They take care of ALL your needs! Thank you.
— W & R, Mount Vernon, NH, 6/10-6/17/17

Another year full of fun at The Tyler Place for our family vacation. No other any better – 5 stars!
— C & B, Bradenton, FL, 6/10-6/17/17

We had a fabulous week. Full of fun, relaxation and wonderful friends.
— M & P, Dunwoody, GA, 6/10-6/17/17

Such a wonderful vacation for our entire family. Thank you!
— M & A, Liberty Township, OH, 6/10-6/17/17

The Tyler Place has meant so much to our family. We all spend the other 51 weeks of the year looking forward to it, and my 12-year old said that she would not feel like a whole person if we didn’t come next year. I love seeing the changes and growing maturity in my children from year to year. If the measure of a vacation is having fun together and relaxing together, I simply can’t imagine having a better time for a week anywhere in the world. This evening it was my great pleasure to watch my daughter play Capture The Flag 32 years from the time that I played on your lawn as a 12-year old.  I remember fondly the joy of playing as a kid. It was wonderful to experience my daughter’s happiness playing the same game. Thank you for being such an important family vacation!
— J & L, Cherry Hill, NJ, 6/10-6/17/17

This vacation was amazing for our entire family. Both my wife and I got “out there” and experienced new things and our son wants us to live here year round! High quality food and great people. Fantastic.
— C & A, Newport News, VA, 6/10-6/17/17

We loved our Parents’ Helper. The food here is wonderful.
— Thank you!  M & K, Broomfield, CO, 6/10-6/17/17

The perfect blend of family time with kid time/adult time. A classic New England summer experience. Magic happens here each year. My boys experience the greatest freedom at The Tyler Place than anywhere else in their lives.
— C & T, Raleigh, NC, 6/10-6/17/17

The kids’ schedule is great. The staff is wonderful and so accommodating. We feel like we’ve been on a spa/yoga retreat. It’s great to be able to get a babysitter so easily for evening activities. And the free bikes are awesome!
— J & A, West Roxbury, MA, 6/10-6/17/17

We did more of the adult excursions this year and thought they were all great. Thanks.
— B & K, Los Angeles, CA, 6/10-6/17/17

This is ideal for three generation family vacation with small children.
—  E & J, Alexandria, VA, 6/10-6/17/17

The resort and employees are wonderful but the BEST part is the friends we all make; adults and kids alike. The T.P. has enriched our lives and given us precious memories.
— A & M, Edwardsville, IL, 5/26-6/3/17

Loved Tyler Place for the third year in a row. Look forward to coming back again.
— R & S, Chicago, IL, 6/10-6/17/17

I always love eating outside on the porch. Loved the adult crafts this year.
— N, Mentor, OH, 6/3-6/10/17

The bicycle trips for the adults are outstanding!  Adult arts and crafts takes you back to your free-spirited youth.  I LOVED IT!
— A & S, Tampa, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

Always a great week to RELAX as a family!  Where else can you do that?
— R & J, Shrewsbury, MA, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place is a truly unique resort & experience. The sense of family pervades every interaction with staff and guests and we loved being a part of it!
— M & C, Milton, GA, 6/3-6/10/17

It is HARD NOT to have a great week! Comfortable accommodations, excellent food, wonderful staff and always interesting and nice guests! A lot of varied activities for all ages and activity facilities are the best!
— W & E, Eastover, SC, 6/3-6/10/17

We loved it all! You guys really have something special here and it’s spectacular. Thank you SO much.
— R & K, Austin, TX, 6/3-6/10/17

It was relaxing and fun all around. Thank you!
— J & C, Palo Alto, CA, 6/3-6/10/17

It took some getting used to in the beginning. Kids Senior Moppets a little “crazy”, but overall very good.
— M & K, Raleigh, NC, 6/3-6/10/17

WE LOVE TYLER PLACE.  We’ve enjoyed six family vacations at the T.P. and have made friends, memories and just love it!! THIS is the happiest family vacation spot.
— L & J, Marietta, GA, 6/3-6/10/17

For a very busy family of four that is on the go ALL THE TIME, it is so great to take a week to really slow down and enjoy the simple things in life: food, friends and nature.
— J & M, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/3-6/10/17

Love the family atmosphere and personalities of staff. Especially impressed with Kate, Tyrus and Julia – Front Desk.  Loved salad bar and fresh fruit.
— J & L, Columbia, SC, 6/3-6/10/17

We could not be more impressed with the staff. From the cleaning service to the maintenance man who kindly brought our bags to our room on our arrival. The lovely people who took care of our daughter and those who took care of her parents at the Inn and on the waterfront are second to none!
— N & E, Minneapolis, MN, 6/3-6/10/17

Fantastic week. Love that people really unplug here – fact that no TV or WIFI in cabins and cell phone use is discouraged around the Inn encourages that, and is much appreciated!
— H & P, Chatham, NJ, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place holds a special place in our hearts. It is a place that makes it so easy and fun to create incredible family memories year after year, both as a couple and with our boys.
— J &  S, Tampa, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

Our favorite place for a family vacation with young kids.
— J & G, Tampa, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

Incredible, lasting memories…my husband completed his first mini-triathlon. Our son learned how to ride a bike and went tubing. There’s so much to do you almost have to come back. Everyone – guests and staff – were extremely friendly and personable. The only downside is my 2-year old won’t remember how special this place is, but we’ll be back!
— S & J, Merritt Island, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

As usual, a good time was had by all. Love that 4 years into it, we are still surprised and/or do new stuff.
— F & K, Marietta, GA, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place is the PERFECT family vacation. Truly, it is! Nowhere else can adults and children be entertained by a variety of activities to suit everyone and fed until their heart’s content!  We are so thankful to have awesome activities to counterbalance the consumption of delicious food.
— J & E, Columbia, SC, 6/3-6/10/17

We’ve come for six years and will gladly come for more. It’s such a comfortable feeling place (for newbies and vets alike). Our entire family loves our “Vermont House”.
— M & E, Milton, MA, 6/3-6/10/17

Immediately noticeable is the concept of a “camp within a camp” where children are free to have great fun while parents reconnect.
— J & S, The Woodlands, TX, 6/3-6/10/17

We were looking forward to returning to The Tyler Place all year. Seriously! There is no other place like it and we feel so lucky to have our one week as a family AND a couple each summer to relax and have fun!! THANK YOU for making it such a special and unique place.
— B & T, Houston, TX, 6/3-6/10/17

Awesome facilities/activities. The food is too good – I eat too much! Staff amazing.
— G & A, Ottawa, Ontario, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place has been our favorite family vacation for nine years running. It’s great for our extroverted AND introverted family members. You can make your Tyler Place stay into anything you want from relaxing to active.
— K & K, Millis, MA, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place is so unique that it is difficult to describe to people. What I end up telling them is that it is camp for adults but your children get to have a blast as well. It is only our second year coming but already we can tell this will probably be an annual event for many years to come.
— R & G, Modesto, CA, 6/3-6/10/17

The Tyler Place is the perfect blend of family time, new friends, adult activities and conversation – and an awesome kids’ camp for all ages.  We know why everyone keeps coming back.
— R & H, Madison, AL, 6/3-6/10/17

You guys think of it all and have it covered.
— R & J, Boulder, CO, 6/3-6/10/17

It was better than we imagined. Enjoyed adult-only dining. Enjoyed start of the week mixers to meet people and make friends. The kids’ activities kept my daughter busy. The “icing on the cake” for me was the on-site photographer catching her during activities during the day.
— J & W, Ellicott City, MD, 6/3-6/10/17

We really liked the food…especially the bonus salads and veggie sides. The Front Desk decided to play a movie downstairs at the Inn on Saturday afternoon when everyone was waiting to get into the last cabins. GREAT IDEA!! Kept tired kids occupied.
— M & D, Rochester, NY, 6/3-6/10/17

We just love it here. Our kids thrive – your staff is the best. Why vacation elsewhere?
— E & A, Marietta, GA, 6/3-6/10/17

This has been a wonderful opportunity to have my family together. I am impressed with the ease with which everything gets done; the bend-over-backwards attitude of the staff and the personal engagement of management. You have created something very unique and are to be commended.
— R, Roswell, GA, 6/3-6/10/17

This was our 8th year and we will for sure be back for year 9! Tyler Place is an annual tradition and all four of us love it! Thanks for the great vacation!
— A & S, Bloomington, MN, 6/3-6/10/17

Absolutely enchanting. The Tyler Place turns back the hands of time, to a low-tech place where everyone knows everyone.
— D & C, Wesley Chapel, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

Going to The Tyler Place is like visiting your best friends!
— T & K, Tampa, FL, 6/3-6/10/17

Our week at Tyler Place is always a chance to simplify, reconnect and try new activities. It is a true vacation for parents. Our kids loved their group times and were always eager to get back to them for more fun times. Forget about that place with the “Mouse”; Tyler Place is the happiest place on earth!
— M & M, West Mansfield, OH, 6/3-6/10/17

Top notch food and service.
— J & K, Columbus, IN, 6/3-6/10/17

Another great year. Thank you!
— A & J, Smithton, IL, 6/3-6/10/17

It’s always great to come back to see our vacation friends at T.P. and experience a week of down home activities and cooking. Despite typical week #2 weather (everything from 50 degrees/rain to 80 degrees/sun), we always seem to have a wonderful time.
— J & S, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/3-6/10/17

Concept of families enjoying activities together yet separate during group time. Water events are very special.  Staff are friendly, courteous, helpful and caring.
— H & N, Orangeburg, SC, 6/3-6/10/17

Thank you for a lovely time!
— E & K, Auburndale, MA, 5/29-6/3/17

Always our family’s favorite place to be. Everyone feels they’ve had a great vacation – kids AND parents! Dear friends made here, too!
— S & L, Marlton, NJ, 5/29-6/3/17

We love the atmosphere, the children’s program and the FOOD!
— B & L, Albany, GA, 5/29-6/3/17

Love T.P.  Kids love T.P. We have built great friendships.
— J & S, Fishkill, NY, 5/29-6/3/17

It is blissful to see my 2-1/2 year old bounce out of bed every morning ready to go to the Playhouse! We love it here.
— S, Dorchester, MA, 5/29-6/3/17

Kids’ programming is awesome!
— A & H, Leewood, KS, 5/29-6/3/17

I feel like I’m ending the vacation more relaxed than a typical vacation.
— E & G, Sugarland, TX, 5/29-6/3/17

We love The Tyler Place. It’s the perfect combo of family time and adult time. The best part is adult time is guilt-free because your kids are having a blast. It is great to see our kids being kids. Playing outdoors and no technology. I love that you rarely, if ever, see people on a device – such a nice break from the real world. Our only regret is not finding this place sooner.
— B & C, Moon Township, PA, 5/29-6/3/17

After 20 years, still most relaxing vacation we have taken as a family. Service is outstanding, needs are met with a smile, best place to unwind and unplug.
— M & P, Bedford, MA, 5/26-6/3/17

We so appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of the counselors. They seem to really enjoy the kids and that makes it a pleasure to drop our kids off at their clubhouse.
— J & J, Knoxville, TN, 5/26-6/3/17

A great place to let your kids explore and grow. We all look forward to this trip more than anything else through the year.
— C & S, Carmel, IN, 5/26-6/3/17

My Pre-Teen says, ‘Everyone is nice. I feel like it’s not camp. It’s a vacation.’
— M & D, Leesburg, VA, 5/26-6/3/17

This was our 12th year – obviously a family tradition! We love being on the lake, experiencing all kinds of weather and the people we meet. We tell people that it’s the best vacation ever and it continues to be true. Thank you, Tylers, for allowing us to be a part of your big family!
— W & S, Atlanta, GA, 5/26-6/3/17

It really hit me this year how many good friends we’ve made here. It was such a treat!
— H & E, Lenox, MA, 5/26-6/3/17

Loved all planned and solo activities. Would like to see another planned hike, but as long as we can put one together, that is fine. Tyler Place is our family’s “Happy Place”.
— B & S, Long Valley, NJ, 5/26-6/3/17

Guilt-free vacation with plenty of “child(ren)-free” time to recharge and still enjoy some family time every day, too. The food is fabulous!
— K & Y, Houston, TX, 5/26-6/3/17

We are thrilled once again with how much fun our son has all day, every day. All other suggestions are such minor qualms when T.P. consistently delivers on kids’ activities.
— J & M, Jupiter, FL, 5/26-6/3/17

The Tyler Place is perfect for achieving balance. There’s plenty of time with family and friends, as a couple, or to have alone time, You’re able to eat well rounded meals, and try new things on the varied menus. The activities are varied and can challenge you to move outside your comfort zone. You can do as much or as little as you like; whatever you need to restore yourselves.  This was year #5 and we’ll be counting the weeks to #6!
— K & A, Dade City, FL, 5/26-6/3/17

A TRUE vacation – equally enjoyed and highly anticipated each year by each member of our family!
— M & S, Lenox, MA, 5/26-6/3/17

Thank you for renovating our accommodation!
— J & J, Caguas, Puerto, Rico, 5/26-6/3/17

The Tyler Place allowed us to have both a couples vacation and a family vacation in the same place. My husband and I arrived tired and stressed from our jobs and the ups and downs of raising a pre-schooler. After a week of “date” breakfast, lunch and dinners, we are returning home energized and with new family memories. We had more exposure to the Tyler family this week and marvel at your attention to detail – from Ted’s early mornings to Chad’s greetings as he biked into work and crossed my path on a morning run. I was especially impressed when you looked up last year’s records to make sure no one “lost” a lottery draw for an activity twice.
—  J & L, Gulfport, FL, 5/26-6/3/17

We love the amazing family atmosphere. Chad and Patsy have been wonderful hosts.
— M & D, The Woodlands, TX, 5/26-6/3/17

The Tyler Place is our family’s happy place!  This year my husband and I took it easy with activities because we desperately needed to sleep and reconnect. We managed to do both and are leaving refreshed and more in love. It is wonderful to be able to stay somewhere that you KNOW cares for your children as much as you do. Tyler Place never disappoints. We are happy to be a part of the family.
— T & L, Dorchester, MA, 5/26-6/3/17

Equally enjoyable for parents and children.
— M & C, Alexandria, VA, 5/26-6/3/17

Liked: Children’s programs and variety within. Fine for adult activities. Beautiful grounds/setting. Bunk beds. Hospitality of the Tyler family. Hannah and her arts and crafts.  Bike lessons.  

— C & S, Houston, TX, 5/26-5/29/17

Being here gave us the time and space for important conversations and reconnection. We are happier and stronger as a family and a couple now and we had a lot of fun! So welcoming and warm here!
— S & K, Arlington, MA, 5/26-5/29/17

Daycare is the best part.
— J & S, Buda, TX, 5/26-5/29/17

Childcare is exceptional. And parents get their own time. It is truly a vacation for the whole family.
— M & L, Cresskill, NJ, 5/26-5/29/17

We liked the very friendly atmosphere of the place. It was our first time visiting and we felt like we came to a family reunion.
— G & F, Newton, MA, 5/26-5/29/17

The one thing I really enjoyed was the welcome dinner/cocktail hour. I appreciated that Chad and the other veteran guests were so welcoming. It really made us feel so comfortable.
— B & S, Columbus, OH, 5/26-5/29/17

From the start: Chad made a beeline to my wife and I to introduce us to two couples. From that moment we saw the spirit of Tyler Place – there will be NO wallflowers!
— S & Y, Wallington, NJ, 5/26-5/29/17

For six years we have enjoyed our stays at The Tyler Place. The facilities, the food and the staff are all first rate. There is so much to do. And our grandkids love it so much!
— R & D, Riverhead, NY, 5/26-5/29/17

The Tyler Place was a wonderful experience for three generations of our family. I’ve never seen my toddler so happy. Every morning she woke up saying, “Outdoors!”
— S, Dorchester, MA, 8/27-9/3/16

I loved feeling like a kid again playing adult (kid) games, staying active and meeting new people.  This vacation was unlike any other I’ve ever been on and I truly can say I’m leaving relaxed. Thank you!
— C & S, Pittsburgh, PA, 8/27-9/3/16

For working parents with young children, The Tyler Place is a little piece of vacation heaven.
— C & H, Glen Allen, VA, 8/27-9/3/16

LOVED IT.  Will write a review on Facebook & TripAdvisor!
— D & A, Washington, DC, 8/27-9/3/16

By the end of the week we were all happily exhausted. My older son was so sad to leave, he cried when I told him it was his last day at camp.  I feel like he made life-long friends this week.
— D & C, Larchmont, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

Our 3-year old still needs a nap (especially given how hard they play in the morning). Having the option to nap in the Playhouse would be nice.
— A & C, Bowie, MD, 8/27-9/3/16

As usual, The Tyler Place provided an exceptional vacation for everyone in the family. Where else can grownups be kids again? Kids be so happy to go to their groups!
— C & D, Newport Beach, CA, 8/27-9/3/16

21 meals without kids!
— R & J, Winchester, MA, 8/27-9/3/16

We can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend a week together as a family. You have thought of everything and your amazing staff attends to every detail, so all we have to do is enjoy ourselves. Thank you!
— R & K, New York, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

We loved it!
— J & L, Menlo Park, CA, 8/27-9/3/16

The children’s staff/counselors were outstanding: friendly, energetic and caring but also skilled at maintaining order and enforcing good behavior by the children.
— M & H, Madison, CT, 8/27-9/3/16

The activities are well planned and will be organized at your request if needed. That is a wonderful thing.  This place is a great way to reconnect and relax.
— T & W, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, 8/27-9/3/16

This was a great vacation. I loved all the time away from my kids but also loved family time because I could be with my kids with nothing else to distract us – no making dinner, folding laundry, doing chores, etc. We had a blast.
— J & A, Arlington, VA, 8/27-9/3/16

After 10 years it’s become our home away from home. Our children love every second as do we, and one said to us this week: “Ted Tyler must be very smart” (Really).
— M & Z, Brooklyn, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

Love everything. Kids can’t get enough of the group activities and make new friends each year.
— H & R, Mamaroneck, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

Our son, age 6: “I liked the activities.”  Our daughter, age 9: “I liked making friends, the water slides in the pool.”
— M & C, New York, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

There is enough to do that you can get fit during the stay or do nothing at all if you truly want to relax.
— T & W, New York, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

We love coming to The Tyler Place. The environment is warm and friendly. There are so many choices of things to do. The kids have a wonderful time! We look forward to returning next summer.
— R & N, New York, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

Kids’ program was amazing!
— S & K, Rochester, MA, 8/27-9/3/16

Best family vacation – love your family more.
— M & G, Voorhees, NJ, 8/27-9/3/16

Such a special place. Beautiful setting, delicious food, fun activities for anyone and everyone.  Unique model where parents actually get a vacation! We love it and we’ll be back!
— J & R, Irvington, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

The Tyler Place is a magical place. This was our first visit with a 16-year old. The Tylers made it a priority to introduce their guests to each other. After many group events, we felt we know most of the guests and staff by the end of the week. The activities were fun and the friendships were an added bonus.
— T & K, Chevy Chase, MD, 8/27-9/3/16

It’s the simple things in life that are the best.  I think the saying goes something like that and Tyler Place makes you remember that. I realize the planning it takes to have all these activities, these events, these life experiences – is far from simple, but like any good host, they made it look easy. I got to spend quality time with my children: biking, hiking, kayaking and simply talking. They got to make friends and experience new things every day. We each made new friends and had the time of our lives. It’s so beautiful here and the people are kind and enthusiastic.  How it was when I grew up and the freedom I had made me remember how it felt before I had children. Heaven! The only thing I missed was my husband! Who came late, but everyone made me feel welcome and taken care of.
— N, Forest Hill, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

We love so many of the adult activities. We had a great time this year. On Monday myself and another guest proclaimed our self “CardioTrifecta” (trail run, cardio-sport, aqua aerobics).  We also enjoyed many of the other daytime activities. The children’s services and activities are awesome. My kids had a wonderful time.
— B & E, Garden City, NY, 8/27-9/3/16

We LOVE The Tyler Place. It seems like it’s too good to be true – and then it’s not.
— W & K, Houston, TX, 8/27-9/3/16

We had a fabulous time. The Tyler Place has really perfected what they do and we feel so fortunate to have been here.
— E & S, Newton, MA, 8/27-9/3/16

The Tyler Place is perfect for a family of active people with differing interests. There is something for everyone!
— P & A, Weston, MA, 8/27-9/3/16

Best family vacation EVER!  We loved it so much we named our puppy after our Tyler Place cottage (Rockridge).
— J & E, Kamloops, British Columbia, CN, 8/27-9/3/16

We loved the fact that you supplied our whole family with bikes and that we biked everywhere!  It was like we were kids again biking in groups all over the neighborhood. The ENTIRE STAFF from the dining hall to the waterfront was friendly, polite, informative and always a smile!
— R & C, Hopewell, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

Having spent 7 (maybe 8?) summers here as a child, nothing makes me happier than to see that I have passed this gift on to my children. They are self-proclaimed T.P. lifers!  They wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t return…not that we need any convincing!
— S & L, Bedford Hill, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

The Tyler Place has thought of everything to make this a relaxing and fun vacation for kids and adults alike. The beautiful location, the history of the place and the atmosphere created is very unusual. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking to hang out with other families.
— S, New York, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

As a grandparent it was wonderful to bond with my daughter and grandchildren on a daily basis in a relaxed and nurturing environment providing play and fun time. It was also fun and enriching to have a table, over dinner as a grandparent – where we chose to do so, twice during our week’s stay.
— Z, New York, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

When we booked our vacation, we were not sure what to expect, but this has been one of the most enjoyable vacations ever. The whole family had a wonderful time and we will definitely be back. I will look forward to this week all year! Thanks to the other guests and staff for making us feel so welcome.
— J & K, North Haledon, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

I enjoyed the variety of activities from cardio aerobics, pottery, canoeing, biking, along with archery, etc. The time for the activities was reasonable and instructors knowledgeable. I enjoyed dining with the assistance of pleasant staff. Well trained and amicable.
— R, Summit, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

The people – staff and guests – are incredibly friendly and accommodating.
— S, New York, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

This is our 2nd year and we love the T.P.!  The staff is great and the relationships we have built with other guests makes The Tyler Place very special to our family.
— E & K, Atlanta, GA, 8/20-8/27/16

First-timers and we’re SOLD.  LOVED the week. Can’t wait for next summer. Our kids were SO happy and we were, too!  Thank you!
— J & A, Port Washington, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

Love meeting friends, old and new…like being a kid again!
— C & T, Pt. Washington, PA, 8/20-8/27/16

One of the best parts that is rarely discussed is how much kids can grow in one week here! Learning to ride a bike, be more independent and improving on swimming skills. T.P. offers so much to families!
— R & A, Washington, DC, 8/20-8/27/16

This was our fifth visit, but first as a week-long stay. We will definitely be back again next year. The Tyler Place never disappoints!
— S & S, New York, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

The food was excellent and the activities (kids and adults alike) were done at a very high level. I particularly liked the athleticism – it really helped me to let go of work. ALL of the children’s counselors were excellent.
— K, Brooklyn, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

We love The Tyler Place and kids can’t wait to come back year after year! (And, same goes for the adults).  It’s such a special place – thank you for all of the fun!
— G & C, Chatham, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

The Tyler Place is hard to describe. The kids love it and it’s a great vacation for parents. We’re finding ourselves talking about what activities we’ll do next year!
— R & M, Wayne, PA, 8/20-8/27/16

I think The Tyler Place understands what parents and children need to have: a restful vacation with as much or as little activities, help with children and some time for adult structure, conversation and activities. Love this place!
— T & B, Tyler, TX, 8/20-8/27/16

I was thrilled this year to be able to begin my vacation at Tyler Place a few days early. All of the staff was great in making that process easy: reservations, housekeeping, counselors and sitters. The smiles on the faces of our five children make our T.P. vacations priceless. We cannot imagine going anywhere else. The staff, facilities, accommodations and food are all great, but most importantly – the kids are happy!
— M & K, New York, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

We had an amazing week at the T.P. The first true vacation since our oldest was born 8 years ago. We’ve been on many trips…but no real VACATIONS. Everything exceeded expectations: the facilities, the food, the activities. Of all the aspects of The Tyler Place, however, we were most impressed by the staff, especially the counselors. They have endless enthusiasm, patience and energy and our children LOVED their programs.
— P & R, Wynnewood, PA, 8/20-8/27/16

Awesome stay second year in a row! Food is so good!
— D & A, Milford, MA, 8/20-8/27/16

The only real vacation we get all year. Not original, I know you hear it all the time – but true!  Also, the staff makes the trip. Great people all around.
— G & J, Washington, DC, 8/20-8/27/16

The kind of family vacation you thought you would only imagine you could have.
— V & K, Westfield, NJ, Annette, 8/20-8/27/16

Thanks for another GREAT summer vacation! You have mastered the art of making vacations truly enjoyable and relaxing for everyone in the family.
— A & R, New Hope, PA, 8/20-8/27/16

Great family vacation for the entire family! You do an amazing job with our kids and keep it exciting and interesting for the parents. You can do as little or as much as you want! Plus we are going home with one new bike rider out of the two! Can’t wait for next year.
— A & C, Flemington, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

I am shocked (but much to your delight I am sure) that other resorts haven’t copied your children’s time schedule of programs and become competitors. Your place is beautiful and unique – perfect!
— A & J, Yorktown Heights, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

This is a brilliant vacation package, especially for people with young children. Great food, activities and people – for both adults and children.
— C & N, Mt. Kisco, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

What a wonderful week we had!  Love the staff so much! They made us feel so comfortable and taken care of. Love the water/lake activities options. Thank you for not making super high prices for lessons and water activities.
— L & M, Glenrock, NJ, 8/20-8/27/16

You will always meet OUTSTANDING people at The Tyler Place. No other vacation is quite the same.
— E & M, Roanoke, VA, 8/20-8/27/16

The staff makes this place enjoyable beyond the already amazing activities, grounds and facilities. Everyone clearly loves working here, which says a lot about the environment.
— J & R, Bronxville, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

After 5 years it’s great to see the legacy that we have given our daughter through the wonderful memories and friendships she’s made at the T.P. It even provided her with a safe place to try her first triathlon and she’s only 12!
— S & S, Fairport, NY, 8/20-8/27/16

Food was amazing. Our kids loved the programs and we highly enjoyed all of the activity options and the chance to reconnect. It was a great way to end our summer. Thank you!
— P & A, Bethesda, MD, 8/20-8/27/16

Great place to unplug and unwind. Kids loved biking around the grounds.
— M & M, Needham, MA, 8/20-8/27/16

Totally stress-free, active and fun vacation. We loved it!
— D & K, Arlington, VA, 8/13-8/20/16

The best family experience I/we know of. When my daughter is this happy and I get to indulge in my favorite activities and great socializing, it’s perfect!
— G, Santa Monica, CA, 8/14-8/19/16

Comfortable facilities, spirited staff and fun things to do make for a perfect family vacation.
— J & B, Lexington, MA, 8/13-8/20/16

The Tyler Place is a significant expense for us – and it is the best money we spend. We are most ourselves here and have made the most wonderful friendships. Please put up a tent or some shaded area by the trampolines!
— B & J, Washington, DC, 8/13-8/20/16

Vegetarian food was fantastic. Really enjoyed other guests and how friendly it was.
— M & J, Creswell, OR, 8/13-8/20/16

We had a terrific time.
— J & D, Calabasas, CA, 8/13-8/20/16

I tell everyone that The Tyler Place is my favorite vacation because it allows me to be ‘fun mom’ for one week. I don’t have to cook, clean or worry – I just get to play!
— R & M, Doylestown, PA, 8/13-8/20/16

Thank you for the best week of the year, every year! You have the best staff ever – helpful, friendly and always accommodating.
— R & L, New York, NY, 8/13-8/20/16

As always, Tyler Place staff are the best!
— J & A, West Chester, PA, 8/13-8/20/16

We love our vacation at The Tyler Place. A place where kids and grownups have tons of fun together and separately.
— G & K, Bethesda, MD, 8/13-8/20/16

The Tyler Place is Mecca for our family…the one trip ALL of us look forward to each year. We cannot thank you enough for providing us an AUTHENTIC and MEANINGFUL summer each year.
— R & S, New York, NY, 8/13-8/20/16

I loved the freedom my kids experienced. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the ‘real’ world. It’s a throw back in time.
— S, Summit, NJ, 8/13-8/20/16

Everything is great. After 12 years keeps improving.
— W & C, Philadelphia, PA, 8/13-8/20/16

We love Tyler Place! We have taken many family vacations, but this was our first vacation since the kids were born. Everything is so thoughtfully planned and everyone so focused on how to make guests feel comfortable and happy. Plus our kids loved it! The staff didn’t baby-sit them. They really cared for them. Thanks.
— M & T, Chapel Hill, SC, 8/13-8/20/16

Great vacation for all ages!
— Y & R, White Plains, NY, 8/13-8/20/16

Our kids love the freedom of The Tyler Place – which is funny to say since they are not even 3 and 5 years old. They know they are safe here and they know to listen to any and all adults.
— A & E, New York, NY, 8/13-8/20/16

It’s our first family trip that feels like a true vacation since we adults get real fun and relaxing time. Plus no guilt since our kids love going to camp each day.
— M & J, Chicago, IL, 8/13-8/20/16

Great place to come relax, enjoy as well as get involved in doing activities as you please.
— A & S, Ashburn, VA, 8/13-8/20/16

The most relaxing vacation I have ever had with my four children!
— J & J, Upper St. Clair, PA, 8/13-8/20/16

The cocktail hour was such a pleasant surprise. Good food and great company – it was such a relaxed environment to meet and socialize with new folks each night.
— K, Summit, NJ, 8/13-8/20/16

Love that you can have a family vacation within a couples’ vacation and the kids always want to come back!  Love that there is NO electronics by our kids!
— J & T, Vienna, VA, 8/13-8/20/16

Another fantastic year (our fourth).  It is our perfect reset, ready for the upcoming year. Thanks, TP!
— M & J, Pembroke, Bermuda, 8/13-8/20/16

Amazing staff, friendly guests and beautiful grounds make The Tyler Place a special summer vacation.
— S & D, Roslyn, NY, 8/13-8/20/16

I have been a guest of The Tyler Place for five years and every year our son learns something new and is developing into an independent young man. He has found his niche here with his friends and some have become friends in Maryland. There is no place like this anywhere or compares to the T.P. and trust me – I have been to several places with “children’s programs”. We love the sense of family we have here.
— J & E, Crownsville, MD, 8/6-8/13/16

Really appreciate the cheerful staff, from Chad Tyler to bar staff to dining room to pool and waterfront staff.
— B & B, Middleton, WI, 8/6-8/13/16

The Tyler Place should give seminars in customer service and how to choose or train employees!
— S & K, Washington, DC, 8/6-8/13/16

Our tenth year at The Tyler Place – may have been our best year.
— W & E, Arlington, VA, 8/6-8/13/16

With a family of seven, it’s difficult to find a vacation spot that everyone adores. But all of our kids, ages 3, 5, 7, 8 and 11 always beg to return, and since we, the adults, have an equally fantastic time, we happily agree!
— T & S, Andover, MA, 8/6-8/13/16

As our 8-year old son said midweek: “Tyler Place gets better every year!” Every year we find new activities, new friends and new ways to enjoy our time at T.P.!
— J & A, Hanover, NH, 8/6-8/13/16

Another great year.  The T.P. is a well-oiled machine! We love it more and more each year!
— N & D, South Windsor, CT, 8/6-8/13/16

Our family had a fantastic time at The Tyler Place. I have never seen our children so tired at the end of each day. Our 4-year old said, “Daddy, this is my favorite camp.”
— C & S, North Palm Beach, FL, 8/6-8/13/16

Another amazing week at The Tyler Place!!!
— J & D, Unionville, CT, 8/6-8/13/16

Love the family photos, champagne cruise and boating.
— R & M, Guilford, CT, 8/6-8/13/16

This was much more than a vacation. For a first-timer, this was an experience that allowed every member of our family to try new things or enjoy old favorites, while meeting a whole new group of great people.
— G & S, Fanwood, NJ, 8/6-8/13/16

Kids had a ball.
— R & C, Henrico, VA, 8/6-8/13/16

The most complete family vacation we’ve ever taken. Everyone gets to do what they want and everyone is happy.
— J & K, Pine Bush, NY, 8/6-8/13/16

Love the predictability and the break it gives from daily grind. So fun to connect with other adults and have children having fun at the same time. Great food. Love additions of new chef such as falafel, shakshuka, etc. Miss the appetizer, but got used to it. Great vacation. We so look forward to it every year and love reconnecting with people.
— G & D, Simsbury, CT, 8/6-8/13/16

Our week at The Tyler Place is the highlight of our year. Every member of our family has a wonderful time every day. There is so much variety and so much to enjoy. We can’t wait to come back next year. Thank you!
— J & T, Arlington, VA, 8/6-8/13/16

The Tyler Place is unique – a family camp in a beautiful setting, offering incredible kids’ activities, kid-free gourmet meals and staffed with the friendliest people. It’s the Shangri La of family vacation destinations!
— J & A, Bethesda, MD, 8/6-8/13/16

The Tyler Place never disappoints. It is a place of “firsts” for our daughter. She learned to ride a bike at Tyler Place and now takes herself to and from group.
— B & J, Woodbury, NJ, 8/6-8/13/16

This is the only place I can think of where you can make friends easily, feel comfortable as if they were life-long friends, and talk endlessly about all the crazy activities the ADULTS were doing all week. I feel like a kid again and no worries at all!
— T & K, Rockville, MD, 8/6-8/13/16

What an incredible week, full of memories that will last a lifetime. The Tyler Place fit all the needs of our inter-generational family gathering. As much as I enjoyed the planned activities, many of my best moments were those open, unscheduled hours – where I ended up reading with my parents along the lake bluffs, swimming with my 4-year old niece, playing tennis with my 7 & 8 year old nephews, taking sunset walks with my sweetheart…or hanging out, playing cards, talking, listening to music, with the whole gang in our cabin’s living room. A very special week for us all: relaxing, active, connecting, luxurious, down-to-earth, friendly, fun and visually beautiful.
— J & S, Seattle, WA, 8/6-8/13/16

After 13 years, enjoyed our stay as much as always.
— G & L, Irvington, NY, 8/6-8/13/16

The children’s activities were excellent! My kids are already requesting another week.
— E & J, Plainville, MA, 8/6-8/13/16

Our stay at The Tyler Place somehow gets better every year. The guests are very friendly and welcoming and the staff plays an enormous role in making everything so much fun.
— S & C, Stamford, CT, 8/6-8/13/16

Not only do we, as a family have a wonderful vacation, but our children experience a level of independence reminiscent of our childhoods – those days when you spent all summer days outside, from morning till midnight – how many kids can say that these days!?
— E & C, Chapel Hill, NC, 8/6-8/13/16

We love The Tyler Place. We count the days until we arrive, enjoy so many activities while we’re here we don’t even know what day it is, and make wonderful memories with our extended family. This summer idyll means so much to us.
— J & H, Georgetown, SC, 8/6-8/13/16

Kids RUN to camp and don’t want to go home!
— T & K, Weston, MA, 8/6-8/13/16

The boat dock dudes just rocked this year! Great with all of the kids, patient with young and old and always funny! The planters on the deck were magnificent. Noticed that Hugo has quite a touch/interest in his garden work.
— K & M, Bethesda, MD, 8/6-8/13/16

Our vacation was spectacular, exceptional and awesome.
— S & A, Northport, NY, 8/6-8/13/16

Love photos from Zoran and professional pictures, too.
— R & J, Chevy Chase, MD, 8/6-8/13/16

Water sports, especially kayaking, sailing Hobie cats, and paddle boarding. Frisbee golf! Walking the grounds. The food.  The FRIENDS!
— H & M, Washington, DC, 8/6-8/13/16

Excellent staff. Clearly a great place for all ages. Our kids have called this the best trip ever.
— J & L, Chapel Hill, NC, 8/6-8/13/16

As a first time guest I didn’t really know what to expect (even after researching and knowing a prior guest), but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the total package. Our accommodation was comfortable and spacious, the menu and meal prep was delicious and the activity offerings were plentiful.
— K, Havertown, PA, 8/6-8/13/16

I really enjoy not feeding and cleaning up after the kids 3X’s per day!
— J & J, Canfield, OH, 7/30-8/6/16

We love The Tyler Place more with each passing year. Our children love the chance to roam around independently (when not in group) in a safe environment and we have made dear friends. The food is phenomenal. And we love the personal touch that comes from T.P. being a family business. Our older daughter (who came as a young adult this year) now says she wants to return in the future as a counselor!
— D & R, Brooklyn, NY, 7/30-8/6/16

Thank you so much for taking special care of my two girls with the vegan menu! Marco was excellent in making sure my teen had everything she wanted and loved to eat, at every meal! Food was amazing. Staff incredibly friendly and helpful with everything. Wonderful adult and kid entertainment, choices and programs. Best vacation ever! Also, loved that the staff were able to mingle with the guests and that the staff talked SO HIGHLY of the owners at Tyler Place.  Very telling. Loved that the Tylers, especially Chad, are actually so involved. Loved how interesting Chad made the walking tour and how he led the hike – no lollygagging!
— K, Lake Worth, FL, 7/30-8/6/16

The kids often ask if we could live at The Tyler Place forever – and I confess I wish we could, too!
— D & C, Hamilton, Ontario, CN, 7/30-8/6/16

For us The Tyler Place was so special because of the balance it provided for everyone – children AND parents had a wonderful time.
— K & L, Denver, CO, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place offers the best family vacation possible.  It is the week I look forward to most in the year.
— S & J, Chapel Hill, NC, Maya, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place is a haven for all ages. We couldn’t conceive of a more enjoyable vacation for our family. There is surely no other place as inviting, well run and unspoiled.
— S & A, Toronto, Ontario, CN, 7/30-8/6/16

One quarter century without missing a year and still looking forward to next summer with the fabulous staff and guests at The Tyler Place.
— B & R, Newark, DE, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place guests and staff are the nicest, friendliest bunch of folks. They feel like family after one week.
— J & L, Scarsdale, NY, 7/30-8/6/16

My son cries every year when we have to leave. Best family vacation spot ever. So many activities for us to enjoy that we don’t have in Atlanta.
— T & S, Mableton, GA, 7/30-8/6/16

It was our second year and we discovered new things to do, made new friends and can’t wait to come back next year!
— B & T, Metuchen, NJ, 7/30-8/6/16

Let me tell you how great you are…Jane has been our Mother’s Helper now for 7 years!  She is terrific with our children. Kind, patient and energetic. Our experience wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you Jane and Tyler Place!
— J & M, Hanover, NH, 7/30-8/6/16

Love the relaxed environment at happy hours, meals and evening events to meet new people.  Love the athletic programs as well as yoga and cooking class.
— M & L, Pikesville, MD, 7/30-8/6/16

Another great year at The Tyler Place. The kids found friends – old and new – and thoroughly enjoyed their T.P. independence. (Mom and dad enjoyed their independence, too.)
— K & A, Princeton, NJ, 7/30-8/6/16

I’m sure you’ve heard about the incident with the hornets – we couldn’t be happier with the response from Oscar and the Maintenance crew. I also took several long bike rides, went for runs, used the gym, kayaked and played tennis!
— N & M, Storrs, CT, 7/30-8/6/16

Each of our family members makes a little growth – personally, emotionally or otherwise – during our stay at The Tyler Place. We all feel empowered to continue that growth at home! Your counselors are top notch. A HUGE shout-out to the “Juniors”. You had a high-spirited, energetic group and all were always smiling. Thank you so much for being AWESOME.
— J & J, Cherry Hill, NJ, 7/30-8/6/16

This was our best stay yet. We were concerned our kids might be ‘too old’ and would not appreciate the activities, but it was the opposite. Our kids grew this week and did things they would never try at home like tubing and jumping off a 20-foot jump at the quarry.
— S & V, Mableton, GA, 7/30-8/6/16

We absolutely love The Tyler Place and we already can’t wait for next summer. Our whole family loves being at the T.P. The counselors are amazing, the food is incredible and the activities are so much fun. Our 4-year old told us that he wishes he could live at the T.P. forever.
— J & A, Andover, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

We appreciate the efforts the chefs and kitchen made to vary the meals, flavors and desserts. More thought and effort was evident. Overall, the staff was super-friendly and helpful. We treasure our week here each summer and very much enjoy spending time with the friends we’ve made here. Zoran does an outstanding job taking photographs and capturing happy memories for all of the families.
— E & S, Chevy Chase, MD, 7/30-8/6/16

You have created a magical place where kids are happy, parents are happy and your staff is happy and it shows. We all count down the 51 weeks until we can get back!
— K, Needham, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

Peaceful/good balance of family/adult time.
— D & H, Carmel, IN, 7/30-8/6/16

It was our 4th summer at the T.P. Wonderful time had by all!
— J & R, State College, PA, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place is everything I loved about summer camp as a child. Now I get to share it with my kids so they can have memories of fresh air, cool lakes and campfires. And it’s amazing how it feels to really unplug from phones and computers – it all feels so delightfully old-fashioned!
— I & S, Chevy Chase, MD, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place offers a fantastic time for the entire family. We look forward to it all year and shed a few tears when it’s time to leave.
— D & J, Sudbury, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

We always love coming to The Tyler Place and our children are always sad to leave. We, as a family, start counting down the days as we leave the property. So much to do, everyone can have a great week, even if like me, someone is getting over an injury and on antibiotics that prohibits a lot of sun and no alcohol.
— E & M, Wellesley, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

The Tyler Place is truly the perfect family vacation – from the warm and friendly counselors, to the thoughtful and well designed activities for kids and adults – we could not ask for anything more. We will be back!
— D & J, Bethesda, MD, 7/30-8/6/16

Had a wonderful week as always!  Great to see old friends and make some new ones. This is such a special place!
— M & M, Havertown, PA, 7/30-8/6/16

Amazing time.  We can’t imagine NOT coming to The Tyler Place in the future. Nothing could live up to the standard set by the T.P.!
— A & L, Melrose, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

Our second year here. And we were just as happy. We keep discovering new little surprises each time. See you next year!
—B & S, Dallas, TX, 7/30-8/6/16

Our years orbit around our Tyler Place weeks.
— M & K, Wayland, MA, 7/30-8/6/16

Another wonderful Tyler Place week! We missed our week 11 friends but still, an amazing stay! Your staff is truly second to none, always have a smile on their faces, and genuinely seem happy ALL THE TIME!
— B & A, Chappaqua, NY, 7/30-8/6/16

It was truly a vacation, an absolute escape from the real world. I particularly enjoyed watching our 5-year old gain a new sense of independence, as by the third day he asked to walk to camp by himself. We watched from the door as he ‘ran’ around the corner, so excited to start his day.  
— C & G, Washington, DC, 7/30-8/6/16

We love our time here!
— S & J, Brooklyn, NY, 7/30-8/6/10

The Tyler Place never fails to give us a great time. Perfect blend of family time and parent alone time.
— S & T, Chester, NJ, 7/23-7/30/16

Playhouse.  Playhouse. Playhouse.  Nuf said.
— D & S, Atlanta, GA, 7/23-7/30/16

We loved everything. Our son got sick and it was wonderful to be able to get in to see a local pediatrician with whom Tyler Place had a relationship. So much better than finding for ourselves at an urgent care. Thank you.
— M & H, Milton, MA, 7/23-7/30/16

Unfortunately, I was unable to do much because of a stay in hospital just prior to my week at The Tyler Place. My grandchildren enjoyed it immensely.
— H, Ashland, MA, 7/23-7/30/16

It’s a wonderful family vacation. So fun to come back with the kids all grown. The food is great. The activities are diverse. The staff is friendly and accommodating. A great time had by all!  P.S. thanks for giving Amanda extra time off. It speaks to the family nature of the business. We had a blast.  Thanks Tyler family!
— B & L, Downers Grove, IL, 7/23-7/30/16

You all have this down to a science. There is no improving perfection! We love the independence for our children, combo of family and adult time and chances to have adult conversation. There is nothing quite like watching our kids grow each year that they’re here.
— M & S, Montclair, NJ, 7/23-7/30/16

The Tyler Place was exactly what our family needed. Fun for the kids and time for the parents to reconnect with fun activities.
— P & A, Shenandoah, TX, 7/23-7/30/16

We love The Tyler Place! It is a completely unique vacation experience for families where we ALL have fun and can be as active or relaxed as we need! Thank you for providing this haven for us!
— R & K, Wayne, PA, 7/23-7/30/16

Happy kids = happy parents. Meals for all means happy mother.
— C, Litchfield, NH, 7/23-7/30/16

The Tyler Place manages to strike the balance of adventure and leisure, couple and family time in a creative, caring and unique way that is truly exceptional and honorable.
— J & M, Cranston, RI, 7/23-7/30/16

Holiday much exceeded our expectations.  Great accommodations. The astronomy was an added bonus. Good food and plenty of it.
— B & J, Guildford, Surrey, England, 7/23-7/30/16

We love the quiet here. We love that it is a place where we all unplug and relax. The children have such fun and our kids have formed true friendships. Best week of the year.
— A & R, Westport, CT, 7/23-7/30/16

Food and staff were excellent! Loved Chef Jess’ cooking class!
— C & L, Leawood, KS, 7/23-7/30/16

Great week as always. Kids are happy, adults are happy and everyone gets to find their own activities to try. The kids were more independent this year. It’s great to see them growing here every year.
— N & N, East Lyme, CT, 7/23-7/30/16

As long-time guests with a 25-year gap, we worried that it wasn’t the way we remembered it, that the additions and improvements would ruin it. Of course, we were WRONG!! We were 3 generations this time and hope we’ll return yet again.
— M & E, New Rochelle, NY, III & IV, 7/23-7/30/16

Staff is spectacular!
— R & M, Evanston, IL, 7/23-7/30/16

The Tyler Place is a very special place. I really enjoy my week here. It’s about the people. The ones that work here who are incredible and the wonderful friends we’ve made.
— R & S, Bethesda, MD, 7/23-7/30/16

It’s easy to enjoy time with my wife when I know my daughter is having fun and is so well taken care of.
— L & L, Stamford, CT, 7/23-7/30/16

It was an awesome, awesome week, well beyond our already high expectations. Can’t wait for next year.
— A & J, San Rafael, CA, 7/23-7/30/16

You do what you do so very well. We always marvel at your attention to detail and genuine care about your patrons. Thank you. Love to mention a special thank you to Jeff and the kitchen staff for the DELICIOUS and VARIED meals offered to my gluten-free granddaughter. She adores the food, which is not always the case both with the quality and the limited options usually available.
— B, Newton Center, MA, 7/23-7/30/16

It was camp for adults and kids, but with good food and nice facilities.
— J & E, Greer, SC, 7/23-7/30/16

As grandparents it’s wonderful to have the time with grandchildren at breakfast and then to have time with grown children.
— M & J, Jamaica Plain, MA, 7/23-7/30/16

No one is too young or too old to enjoy The Tyler Place with their family.
— D, Chicago, IL, 7/23-7/30/16

We love this place and our kids love it as much as we do. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly.  P.S. the laundry service is a real bonus.
— B & G, Houston, TX, 7/23-7/30/16

The Tyler Place magically brings together an eclectic group of people whose company makes for a unique experience.
— C & J, Ft. Worth, TX, 7/23-7/30/16

The most restorative week of the year!  We were so active that we are sore! But it is motivating us to be more active at home. The Tyler Place is pure magic to our whole family. We love everything about it and CHERISH this week all year. We love you, Tyler family!
— K & K, Newtown, CT, 7/23-7/30/16

This has been a perfect place for us to have an intergenerational family vacation. The food, the setting, the activities have all been carefully thought out. Everyone in our diverse group has a wonderful stay. Thank you!
— J & L, Vancouver, British Columbia, CN, 7/23-7/30/16

I came here for years as a child. It was the best, most fun and safest place for a family to be! That hasn’t changed. The Tyler Place is run for my husband and I to enjoy, the kids to enjoy in their camp and fun family afternoon time. We never worry while here – some things don’t change. The additions to the T.P. waterfront and pool have only enhanced the vacation!
— G & L, Thomasville, GA, 7/23-7/30/16

This is the vacation by which all other vacations will be measured!  I liked that every single staff member gave us either a nod, smile or wave whenever we passed each other anywhere on the property.
— K & C, Chalfont, PA, 7/23-7/30/16

An excellent family vacation. Our 3-year old was well cared for. Loving staff. We had an excellent time.
— J & L, Ottawa, Ontario, CN, 7/23-7/30/16

Children’s staff are excellent at handling difficult transitions at drop-off/pick up. All staff are extremely accommodating to special requests where feasible. Wonderful that the staff remember your names. Feel like part of the family. Best part is meals separate from children but with option for breakfast with them.
— D & M, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 7/23-7/30/16

There is something for everybody to do – no matter the age or ability.
— J & M, East Thetford, VT, 7/23-7/30/16

Love all of the activities. I LOVE that our kids have a chance to enjoy a level of independence that they are not able to enjoy anywhere else and the confidence that comes with that.
— M & S, Annapolis, MD, 7/23-7/30/16

Our family – 11 members, ages 5 to 77 – all agree “exceeded expectations”.
— N & C, Tiburon, CA, 7/23-7/30/16

The food this year has greatly improved. Pleased with the increased variety, more fish options and generally more flavorful. Also seems like the children’s menu has more healthy options. The varied cuisines (Greek, Mediterranean, Mexican, etc.) were great. Love the chance to chat with the chef at the omelet station. Love the cheese selection at cocktail time and in buffet.
— L & J, Ottawa, Ontario, CN, 7/23-7/30/16

A special, unique place. Beautiful surroundings, community and solitude when you want it.
— P & B, Washington, DC, 7/23-7/30/16

The Tyler Place works for our family because of all the different ages of members of the family. 
— H & K, Bridgewater, NJ, 7/23-7/30/16

It’s a vacation for the entire family! 
— H & L, Atlanta, GA, 7/16-7/23/16

We loved our stay and appreciate The Tyler Place’s thoughtfulness for providing a well thought out plan for fun, both independent and together with our young twins!
— J & S, Greenville, SC, 7/16-7/23/16

The grounds were particularly beautiful this year. Plants, flowers, everything. Groomed and gorgeous. The ‘chemistry’ or vibe this year among guests as well as with staff – felt relaxed and comfortable – more than in years past. Always wonderful – this year exceptional.
— M & C, Tucson, AZ, 7/16-7/23/16

We really loved it here.  The food was fabulous and we enjoyed being pampered, knowing the kids were having as much fun as we were.  Love the beautiful, QUIET country setting and we felt that this was such a safe place to let our kids have some freedom. Our cottage was very comfortable and we had plenty of room for a family of four.  It’s going to be very hard to go home after being taken care of all week!
— J & W, Raleigh, NC, 7/16-7/23/16

Another wonderful vacation at T.P.!  Our ‘young adult’ children had a blast and participated in many activities. The younger kids loved their camp activities and enjoyed the addition of tennis.
— R & K, Santa Barbara, CA, 7/16-7/23/16

I don’t know where to start!  It’s been a wonderful week. Everyone is so welcoming, the surroundings are beautiful and the activities are great fun. We are not sure how you all perfected this get-away. Our kids love their time here. We loved our time here. All of us look forward to returning next summer!
— D & K, Wilmington, NC, 7/16-7/23/16

Top-notch staff in every area. Very well planned out overall.
— S & A, Beaconsfield, Quebec, CN, 7/16-7/23/16

Dave & Zeb were great. Zeb has a fabulous way of getting ALL of the kids excited about what is going on. My girls are squeamish and by the time we were at the pond for 15 minutes he had them holding frogs and running full speed to catch the next one. He also took the time to teach them about everything they came across. He is amazing!
— C & M, Land O’Lakes, FL, 7/16-7/23/16

Our kids had a blast. After the second day, they were already asking if they could come back. The staff was incredible. We all enjoyed the organized activities. There was truly something for everyone.
— R & H, Palm Harbor, FL, 7/16-7/23/16

The trip exceeded our expectations! The kids were happy and content and we had more couple time and individual time than we’ve ever enjoyed on vacation.
— S & J, Winston-Salem, NC, 7/16-7/23/16

Even after 10 years the excitement to turn into the access road hasn’t changed! Truly a unique experience to enjoy friends and family.
— C & L, Bridgewater, NJ, 7/16-7/23/16

Our collective favorite week of the year. Our family’s countdown calendar begins the minute we drive off the property. An enormous thank you for yet another wonderful year!
— S & C, Verona, NJ, 7/16-7/23/16

We love the opportunity to spend time as a couple and as a family. We get to try new skills throughout the week like stand up paddle boarding and archery. The kids enjoy group and hanging out with their T.P. friends. We are so blessed to have found The Tyler Place!
— J & A, Wenham, MA, 7/16-7/23/16

I loved the updates you made to Tyler North!  It looks so bright and new and the kitchen is so easily accessible now.
— P, Metairie, LA, 7/16-7/23/16

Here’s what The Tyler Place buys you (and your kids): Freedom. It is by far the most freedom experienced by all of us for an extended period of time. There’s never a reason to worry – the Tylers have us covered.
— V & E, Kingston, PA, 7/16-7/23/16

Fourth year and it just gets better. The families and friendliness are lifelong, our children become more brave, more confident and more excited to try new things throughout the year.  The food is amazing and our children declare that they want to live here.
— J & S, Pawtucket, RI, 7/16-7/23/16

This was our first visit and we felt right at home and are so happy to have made so many new friends.  The children’s programs were fantastic and our daughter loved her counselors.
— J & A, Houston, TX, 7/16-7/23/16

Love the food; great place to revisit with friends; kids always have a great time and always look forward to coming back.
— S & P, Avon, CT, 7/16-7/23/16

Fantastic week for all in our family (18 of us) from ages 7 to 74. Very much want to return. Friendly, interesting, cordial and accommodating staff. From my perspective an organizational wonder. As well, this place attracts many really good people.
— E & J, South Bend, IN, 7/16-7/23/16

This is our second year and this year was as awesome as the first. It simply is the best vacation for the ENTIRE family. My husband and I can reconnect as a couple and also have amazing time to fully connect as a family. Just perfect.
— S & C, Cumberland Foreside, ME, 7/16-7/23/16

Excellent service and good people all around.
— J & A, Lowell, MA, 7/16-7/23/16

The Tyler Place is always the highlight of the year for the whole family. You meet – and exceed – our expectations every time with your wonderful staff, congenial atmosphere and attention to detail. We are already looking forward to next year!
— A & J, Wilmington, DE, 7/16-7/23/16

This was our third year and we loved it as always.  It gets better every year because all the returning guests are becoming old friends and the kids look forward to seeing their camp buddies. The T.P. is now a ‘guarantee’ in our calendar!
— P & S, Toronto, Ontario, CN, 7/16-7/23/16

We loved it! Best family vacation ever! Hard to keep 18 family members – ranging from 7 to 74 happy; Tyler Place nailed it with ours.
— D & K, Chicago, IL, 7/16-7/23/16

Fabulous location for the extended family celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Kids were happily engaged with their cousins and new friends and all adults found activities to enjoy and treasured the ability to gather for grownup only meals and conversation at the end of the day. Thanks, Tyler Place!
— D & K, Bristol, RI, 7/16-7/23/16

From the moment we arrived at The Tyler Place four years ago we knew that this was a very special place!  Chad and the whole staff have created a relaxed atmosphere where all the planning is done for us!  It’s a gift for us busy parents to have one week a year where every meal and activity is coordinated by someone else! Thank you!
— J & E, West Hartford, CT, 7/16-7/23/16

Best week of the year for the seventh year in a row.
— W & M, Durham, CA, 7/16-7/23/16

The Tyler Place is the perfect family vacation spot, especially for outdoor and athletic types…all types actually. Beautiful setting, fabulous staff, wonderful meals.
— R & A, New Orleans, LA, 7/16-7/23/16

As first timers it was amazing. There are so many things we have said, I wish we did that’.  Now we must return to do next year. So many awesome options. Great for the active family. The best vacation for an active family. A little slice of heaven here on earth. My children will be talking of their time here for years to come.
— D & T, Scottsdale, AZ, 7/16-7/23/16

Beautiful, family-friendly resort. Excellent food. Great weather and fishing.
— W & J, Covington, LA, 7/16-7/23/16

We love The Tyler Place – pure and simple. Thanks for another great summer.
— T & L, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/16-7/23/16

We loved our stay! It was more than expected. The Senior Moppets had so much fun. My husband and I appreciated our time together and our downtime. The food was delicious!  I loved the variety.
— R & A, Nanuet, NY, 7/16-7/23/16

We love the freedom that The Tyler Place allows us and our children – to explore on their own, to take some responsibility for themselves – all the while having to try something new. A great time! I absolutely respect the need to keep things safe and hope that an increased focus on habilities and such will be tempered as much as possible to maintain the ‘be responsible for your own actions’ accountability that we love.
— P & L, Richmond, VA, 7/16-7/23/16

Can relax or jump in and be involved in constant activities.
—J & K, Moorestown, NJ, 7/16-7/23/16

We love how much the staff here take pride in their work.
— M & K, Herndon, VA, 7/16-7/23/16

Zeb was excellent with the kids at Proper Pond. Cam is the coolest! Emma did a great job, as usual! Ryan, a lifeguard, was always very pleasant and great with kids.
— H & H, Austin, TX, 7/16-7/23/16

Loved the variety of activities, the set up and cottages. Kids able to come and go as they please with freedom and safety of our childhood. 
— M & Y, Paradise Valley, AZ, 7/9-7/16/16

It is our third year and The Tyler Place is the highlight of our kids (and therefore our) summer. Thank you for making it a fun, wholesome adventure for all of us. In the current world of phones, I-Pads and computers this is one week where we truly ‘unplug’ and our minds and mental health and thank you for it!
— M & L, Greenwich, CT, Margaret, 7/9-7/16/16

Love the location! Peace, quiet, tranquility. Love riding bikes everywhere. The staff are outstanding – warm, friendly and interesting.
— K & R, Atlanta, GA, 7/9-7/16/16

A great vacation year after year. Wonderful people gathering to have fun in a truly spectacular place!
— R & V, Glen Rock, NJ, 7/9-7/16/16

We had a great time! The perfect balance of family time, couple time, alone time, adventure, recreation and socializing.  It’s tough to vacation with two kids (especially with one under age two) and feel like you had a real vacation, but that’s what The Tyler Place is about!
— M & G, Highland Park, IL, 7/9-7/16/16

Loved our stay at The Tyler Place. A true vacation from start to finish. Everything is so well thought out. Great to have the kids so well entertained – enables the adults to experience a lovely time also. Thanks for another magical, fabulous week!
— W & C, Virginia Beach, VA, 7/9-7/16/16

We always have a wonderful time and you all do a great job. We look forward to this all year and have told many friends about it. Can’t wait until 2017!
— M & R, Tampa, FL, 7/9-7/16/16

Family time is the best. We get to be at camp with our kids sharing good times and fun activities.
— W & M, Massapequa Park, NY, 7/9-7/16/16

We truly love The Tyler Place. We all have a blast, take risks trying new things, eat well and catch up with our T.P. friends. Tyler Place is the definition of vacation: relax, have fun, eat well, don’t stress and enjoy ourselves and our family. Thank you for another wonderful week!
— R & D, Belmont, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

Once again a fantastic time at The Tyler Place. We can’t wait to come back next year!
— E & P, South Orange, NJ, 7/9-7/16/16

In the one week we have stayed we have seen our 6-year old’s independence and self-confidence blossom. We think the kids’ programs are a direct connection to that. Thank you!
— R & K, Long Beach, CA, 7/9-7/16/16

Love the other guests, activities and do-what-you-want attitude.
— C, New York, NY, 7/9-7/16/16

Like the location. Nice lake view.
— D & F, Madison, CT, 7/9-7/16/16

We loved every minute of our vacation. The kids are already begging to come back next year. A perfect week!
— K & A, Willington, CT, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place was fantastic. Beyond my expectations…except for dietary considerations.
— M, Chester, MD, 7/9-7/16/16

My kids love coming here and I love that I get to be on vacation too, not just chef, entertainer, planner-of-every-moment-of-the-day for my crew.
— H, Cape Girardeau, MO, 7/9-7/16/16

We had a terrific visit. Staff is wonderful – very friendly and helpful. Great spending time with the other guests.
— B & L, Villanova, PA, 7/9-7/16/16

Eighth year in a row. Wouldn’t miss it for anything. Family tradition at its best.
— R & J, West Hartford, CT, 7/9-7/16/16

Our time at The Tyler Place gets better each year we come and this was our best stay yet!  You have thought of everything to help make our stay so comfortable. The staff truly makes us feel welcome and comfortable – a real luxury.
— R & K, Andover, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

We, along with our children and grandchildren, had a great time! Outstanding choice of activities as always. Staff was friendly, courteous and helpful.
— K & M, Stoughton, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place is the only family destination where I feel like my husband and I actually have a vacation and still have quality family time.
— M & K, Acton, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

Overall was great being back. Look forward to coming back next year!
— S & M, Brookline, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

Wonderful place to get a far flung family together. So much to do – and such variety of activities for all ages. Children’s program the best anywhere, leaving quality time for moms, dads, and grandparents to enjoy each other’s company.
— L & J, Hanover, NH, 7/9-7/16/16

Everything was great. Kids loved everything.
— M & C, Colleyville, TX, 7/9-7/16/16

We really look forward to our week here. It’s such a blessing to know we can ALL relax and play here. I love the one-speed bikes. So great to slow down, eat a lot and laugh hard with friends, new and old.
— A & E, Arkadelphia, AR, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place is everything I want from a vacation: excellent food, activities, adventure, time to read, friendly people, booze, games and lake swimming.
— T & E, Basking Ridge, NJ, 7/9-7/16/16

We will keep coming back until we bring our grandchildren, too!
— T & P, Pittsfield, MA, 7/9-7/16/16

Most amazing culture of any family resort, ever. Kids have a blast, parents have fun and balance of family time, kid time and parent time is perfect.
— G & S, Cornelius, NC, 7/9-7/16/16

Thanks for a wonderful and relaxing (for the adults) vacation.
— S & A, Phoenix, AZ, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place – for a family of all ages and activity levels. From the adults who are outdoorsman to the ones who prefer to read in a hammock overlooking the lake and from 3-year old handfuls all the way through fickle teens…everyone has the perfect vacation!
— S & R, Rossmoor, CA, 7/9-7/16/16

We had a great stay. Our children loved all the activities and the counselors leading them clearly love children and know how to interact with them. As parents we enjoyed the wide variety of activities including the hikes to Jay Peak and Sterling Pond. We also loved meeting the other guests.
— C & R, Bethesda, MD, 7/9-7/16/16

There is no place like The Tyler Place. It reminds me of a camp song. ‘Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold’. It’s camp for adults and kids. It’s our happy place! Thank you for making each week so special.
— D & K, Mystic, CT, 7/9-7/16/16

Our home away from home. Our whole family looks forward to this week the entire year. It is the only time we just relax and do what we want to do. We enjoyed meeting lots of new people and families this year, as there seemed to be a lot of newcomers.
— C & R, Cincinnati, OH, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place has been doing this for years and gets it right: for grandparents, parents and kids alike.
— F & P, Old Mystic, CT, 7/9-7/16/16

The Tyler Place is truly a whole family vacation – no one gets left out on the relaxation and fun!
— S & M, West Hills Lake, TX, 7/9-7/16/16

The entire concept of children having camp and parents having an active vacation is genius. It is enhanced by families having time together in a beautiful, natural setting.
— J, Virginia Beach, VA, 7/3-7/9/16

Property is beautiful. There are a lot of diverse activities – and also opportunities to relax. Great mix for adult time and family time.
— C & S, Sudbury, MA, 7/2-7/9/16

An experience to look forward to every year. The Tyler Place offers just the right amount of freedom for kids and parents to enjoy a classic summer vacation. Our kids have enjoyed all six summers and can’t wait to come back for more! They’ve actually decided that they want to go from guest to counselor.
— S & K, Largo, FL, 7/2-7/9/16

This is simply hands-down our best family week of the year.
— J & D, Greenville, DE, 7/2-7/9/16

This is our 9th year coming to The Tyler Place with our four children. We are always pleased by the family that run it, the staff who work here and the effort that goes into making the guests happy.
— J & M, Ivoryton, CT, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place is a great place to step outside the usual day-to-day hassles of family life and savor all the good parts together. We loved trying out new adventures and challenges, and revisiting some of the fun things we used to do before we got so busy with the kids. It’s wonderful to see our kids spreading their own wings, too – a bit more each summer. One of the biggest luxuries of all is having so much opportunity to meet new adult friends and have long, leisurely adult conversations with them, without all the usual interruptions! And the underlying common thread is the T.P.’s attention to detail and focus on high quality that makes us all feel so pampered and taken-care-of, so that we can take a break from thinking about details for an entire week. Imagine: being entertained, well-fed, well-rested, and spending quality time with friends for an entire week, without having to plan, prepare, cook or clean any of it!
— B & K, Brookeville, MD, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place is simply the best place on earth. We are lucky to have found this place!
— D & I, Livingston, NJ, 7/2-7/9/16

Best family vacation, hands down.
— J & N, Windermere, FL, 7/2-7/9/16

We have enjoyed another year at The Tyler Place! It has so much to offer for our entire family. This has definitely become a family tradition we will keep for many years. It is our happy place!
— B & C, Newton, MA, 7/2-7/9/16

There are many things we like about Tyler Place, but one thing that stands out is how fully present and engaged the staff are, especially with the kids. I saw numerous instances of the staff going out of their way to interact with the kids even when they were kids from a different group.
— C & L, Millburn, NJ, 7/2-7/9/16

There is no place like The Tyler Place – we are happy, my kids are happy and we leave counting down the days until next year.
— B & K, Greenville, SC, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place has enabled our family to create memories that will last a lifetime. Give your children the independence to explore and grow in a safe environment!
— M & J, Hockessin, DE, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place managed to make the second year as great as the first! Add the bonus of reconnecting with friends you met. It’s the best vacation ever!
— R & K, Wilmington, DE, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place is the perfect vacation for our active family – yet plenty to help us have a relaxing vacation.
— S & A, Murfreesboro, TN, 7/2-7/9/16

This was our sixth year and we love it. It is such a wonderful tradition to have with our family. As the kids get older we love the independence our Senior has. It is so nice to have a safe place for them to explore and grow.
— R & C, Newton, MA, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place is still our favorite vacation. We love the folks we’ve met in our week, the delicious food, the organized group activities, and the kids’ program for our 7 and 9-year old kids – could not recommend it highly enough! Thanks to all the staff for a wonderful vacation. You really do think of everything!
— C & J, Atlanta, GA, 7/2-7/9/16

As always, a very enjoyable stay. Wonderful seeing friends and reconnecting as a family.
— G & L, Darien, CT, 7/2-7/9/16

As always, The Tyler Place is truly the best vacation for the whole family. The food quality was great this year!
— C & E, Brooklyn, NY, 7/2-7/9/16

The Tyler Place vacation is like stepping back in time, away from most technology and an amazing week spent with family and friends!
— R & K, Belleair Bluffs, FL, 7/2-7/9/16

I love that my kids get a sense of freedom here that they can’t get in New York City. They can ride their bikes around freely, to and from activities. They have made many friends and gained a greater sense of independence. Their favorite is the lake! With lake tramps and Bravo boats.
— B & A, New York, NY, 7/2-7/9/16

You do a great job overall. Thank you for all of the attention and care!
— C & S, Harvard, MA, 7/2-7/9/16

Plenty of freedom for kids out of program but enough to do that they’ll never be bored.
— D & K, Wayne, PA, 7/2-7/9/16

Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven. Tyler Place is a true vacation for the entire family.
— J & B, Baltimore, MD, 7/2-7/9/16

Our kids loved their groups this year and tried so many new activities: mountain biking, low ropes, tennis, Bravo boats. They liked the new dance class and always love evening activities!
— P & A, Brooklyn, NY, 7/2-7/9/16

8th year here in a row and can’t wait to come back next year!
— A & C, Baltimore, MD, 7/2-7/9/16

The counselors and staff make The Tyler Place so special.
— J & M, Austin, TX, 7/2-7/9/16

My son had a great time from day one until the very end.
— B & S, The Woodlands, TX, 7/2-7/9/16

We love The Tyler Place and look forward to our summer camp all year.
— M & A, Littleton, CO, 7/2-7/9/16

We look forward to this trip all year long. It is the only thing we do all year that is truly a vacation for all. Every other form of travel is just exhausting for a parent. We come to The Tyler Place to recharge and find our long-lost, better selves.
— J & L, Great Neck, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

Our extended family gathered at The Tyler Place to commemorate our father’s 80th birthday. We were three nuclear families and our mom and dad. Ages of children ranged from 25 to 4 years old. It was hands down our best family vacation ever! A perfect place for a reunion like this. Everyone enjoyed each other the whole week. There wasn’t a ripple! No tension. No stress. All joy and laughter. We’re exhausted by all the tennis and sailing and yoga and activity.
— W & C, Minneapolis, MN, 6/25-7/2/16

We really liked the new appetizers with happy hours. It definitely encouraged us to join every day!  The bar drink specials were especially good, too. Hector, Holly, Patrick, Gige, Jake, Katie (bike lessons), Pat (boat dock) and Julio (counselors) really were wonderful to us!
— W & J, Zionsville, IN, 6/25-7/2/16

Counselors are outstanding. Super easy vacation. Experience for families. Old-fashioned fun. Friendly staff.
— D & J, Pacific Palisades, CA, 6/25-7/2/16

Nirvana: you don’t have to wait for anything; so relaxed – such a good vibe.
— J & R, Brooklyn, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

We really liked the new appetizers with happy hours – it definitely encouraged us to join every day! The bar drink specials were especially good, too. Hector, Holly, Patrick, Gige, Jake, Kate (bike lessons), Pat (boat dock) and Julio (counselor) really were wonderful to us!
— W & J, Zionsville, IN, 6/25-7/2/16

The Tyler Place does an excellent job providing fun activities for the entire family.
— J & S, Vacaville, CA, 6/25-7/2/16

Loved the Vermont ice cream truck.
— M & J, Farmington, CT, 6/25-7/2/16

BEST thing is schedule, which gives parents a real break plus includes family time. It works because you take such care to have such a great staff taking care of the kids and you cultivate a real sense of camaraderie and friendliness among guests!
— B & J, Philadelphia, PA, 6/25-7/2/16

We have been coming for 15 years, have traveled the world with our kids, love our lives at home, but STILL Tyler Place is our favorite week of the year!
— A & R, New York, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

You have created a “safe village” where families can let their children play without worry while the adults play and unwind. Your attention to detail is excellent.
— F & L, Tallahassee, FL, 6/25-7/2/16

Staff is friendly, grounds and facilities can’t be beat. Our young family loved the gnome garden. Yoga for mom, sailing for dad…didn’t rest as much as I’d hoped because there was too much fun stuff to try!
— B & T, Jersey City, NJ, 6/25-7/2/16

We felt very welcomed the first minute we stepped on Tyler Place property. All the staff and support staff were very accommodating and helpful. The other guests were equally friendly. We felt right at home immediately.
— T & V, Whitehouse, TX, 6/25-7/2/16

Our son has been coming to The Tyler Place for several years with his family so recommended that we come here with our whole family to celebrate his father’s 80th. It was perfect for all three generations. There were activities for all of us. The food was outstanding and our accommodations worked out quite well. Our daughter said ‘It was our best family vacation ever.’
— M & G, Annapolis, MD, 6/25-7/2/16

Although this was my family’s fourth year at the T.P. it was our first as an extended family gathering and celebrating my father’s 80th birthday. It took some convincing to get them to spring and commit for seven days. They concluded it was the best family gathering we’ve had. My parents could spend time with the kids but had plenty of adult-only time. All the cousins had the time to build a base of friendships with each other.
— W & C, Arlington, VA, 6/25-7/2/16

Another excellent vacation! Waterfront staff very good this year, particularly the sailing lessons. Pottery class was also particularly good, the highlight of the trip and some nice mementos.
— K & C, Basking Ridge, NJ, 6/25-7/2/16

Nothing like this in Australia – a quintessential American experience!
— M & J, Kirribilli, New South Wales, 6/25-7/2/16

We are first-time guests with a 23-month old and 3-3/4 year old and expecting our third in 10 weeks. This could not have been a more enjoyable, relaxing, fun-filled trip. Food is delicious and very courteous and attentive staff. Loved the community feel and atmosphere.
— S & E, West Point, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

Sixth year – gets better every year! What more can you say? Our kids learn and try something new every year.
— D & E, Bethesda, MD, 6/25-7/2/16

CANNOT OVERSTATE how helpful and great our one-on-one counselors were. Tyler and Sam did an extraordinary job with our boys. Absolutely made the vacation such a success for our family.
— M & M, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

We. Love. It. Here. The only real vacation you can get with small children. Little piece of Heaven.
— S & M, Hidden Hills, CA, 6/25-7/2/16

We really loved the great mix of people this year! We found many families we had a lot in common with and feel we were able to make some lovely new friends!
— J & M, Bethesda, MD, 6/25-7/2/16

Truly a vacation for EVERY member of our family. Felt like we were vacationing with family (though the kind that you like hanging out with).
— S & S, Arlington, VA, 6/25-7/2/16

It’s always the best week of the year.
— B & K, Acton, MA, 6/25-7/2/16

Everything else is a trip. The Tyler Place is the only real vacation. There are not enough superlatives to describe the setting, the staff, the activities, the food and the overall feel of the T.P. Chad makes us feel like old friends. Not only do I have the time of my life here, but I do so with ZERO guilt because I know my kids are having a blast, too and are making life-long friendships and memories. This was our 6th year here and I have loved every second! Special shout out to Patrick, who is a bright light and an amazing dancer. We also LOVE Laura, Holly, counselors Carey, John & Charlotte. Love Lucie’s Yoga. And finally, thanks to Ryan from Oz, who convinced my kids that his pet unicorn lives at the pad.  Delightful!
— A & C, Arlington, VA, 6/25-7/2/16

The Tyler Place remains the only vacation destination we have found that allows families to enjoy adult time, kid time and family time in the perfect balance so that everyone relaxes and enjoys their vacation.
— J & S, Bethesda, MD, CT, 6/25-7/2/16

Once again, The Tyler Place has lived up to all of our expectations and anticipation. We love the mix of family and adults-only time (and so does our daughter), meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. We also love being in an environment where our daughter can bike on her own and experience more independence. We’re sad to wait another year before returning, but can’t wait to be back.
— L & A, West Hartford, CT, 6/25-7/2/16

We enjoyed our stay as always. Staff is SUPER! We love the improvements to our cabin. Only complaint would be the comfort level of the bed…
— J & T, Rutland, VT, 6/25-7/2/16

This was our first time and we were blown away. It was everything we hoped it would be. Everyone was so welcoming and we met some fantastic people.
— S & A, Peekskill, NY, 6/25-7/2/16

Everything was fantastic. A trip we will never forget. Delicious food, huge variety of activities, relaxation, friendly, helpful staff. There is truly something for everyone.
— C & K, Yardley, PA, 6/25-7/2/16

Best family vacation ever – hands down!
— J & G, Bethesda, MD, 6/25-7/2/16

This place is fantastic. There is something for everyone here. We come back again and again because it is simply the best family vacation you can have!
— S, Los Angeles, CA, 6/25-7/2/16

Wonderful stress-free vacation. My favorite part is the other guests – you have great clientele. Keep it that way. Our Parents’ Helper was incredible.
— L & L, Grand Forks, ND, 6/25-7/2/16

Best family vacation for active families. Great place for kids and adults alike. Fabulous staff, food and activities.
— R & G, Burke, VA, 6/25-7/2/16

It doesn’t get any better than this!! Thanks for adding the Proper Pond excursion!
— D & O, Arlington, VA, 6/25-7/2/16

We love The Tyler Place and regularly try to encourage our good friends to join us. We’ll win them over eventually.
— A & M, Potomac, MD, 6/25-7/2/16

Coming to The Tyler Place is the only real vacations I’ve had since I was pregnant five years ago. There are just too many fun things to do and not enough time to do them all. We are already looking forward to next year.
— B & W, Leawood, KS, 6/25-7/2/16

Our younger son has a bit of a hard time at drop-offs. Many of the Jr. Moppet staff were very helpful in making these transitions easier – Mattie, Will and Tommy were particularly great.
— J & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/25-7/1/16

Service stands out overall. You have a talented and caring team from housekeeping to dining room to childcare – and of course, management.  Well done!
— A & L, Arlington, VA, 6/25-7/1/16

It’s difficult to explain how a family resort offers such a relaxing vacation. But when we are here, I know my kids are safe and having a ball. I’m not cooking for them or entertaining them and they fall asleep when their heads hit their pillows. There is no other place like this – I’m sure of it!
— J & J, Mason, OH, 6/18-6/25/16

Gets better with each year. Our kids don’t want to leave – it is a haven.
— J & K, Kensington, MD, 6/18-6/25/16

As always, our time here is magical. Our children and Joshua look forward to these two weeks all year. Every member of the staff (especially returning staff) truly care for us and our children. We feel taken care of. This is Nirvana. Thank you!
— J & K, Fishers, IN, 6/18-7/2/16

The staff was wonderful and my children were well cared for. We all had a great time.
— A & M, Spring, TX, 6/18-6/25/16

As always, we love what this place has meant to our kids. This year marks the first year that they all climbed the climbing wall and it was only through the support of everyone here that our youngest had the confidence to do it.
— D & A, Hampden, ME, 6/18-6/25/16

Our visits to The Tyler Place have become somewhat of a “homecoming”. We all love reconnecting with friends – including the Tyler family – and making new ones. I can’t imagine our summer without The Tyler Place.
— S & C, Bethesda, MD, 6/18-6/25/16

Our second year at the T.P.  Loved it again and we’re already making plans to come back!
— J & C, North Olmsted, OH, 6/18-6/25/16

We love everything you do and how you do it!
— S & L, Georgia, VT, 6/18-6/25/16

Fourth trip and it keeps getting better.
— B & M, Sarasota, FL, 6/18-6/25/16

Where else can you dance the night away, then see Saturn through a telescope under a sea of stars?
— M & S, Chicago, IL, 6/18-6/25/16

To the Tyler family: I think everyone who comes to stay here feels this amazing, bucolic place is a little bit theirs – thank you for the generosity of spirit for making that so, since this is really YOURS. Thank you for sharing it with us.
— K & E, Brooklyn, NY, 6/18-6/25/16

Yoga with Lucie hearing rain moving the trees outside is a treasured memory of The Tyler Place and getting it again this year was a special treat.
— J & G, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 6/18-6/25/16

Absolutely fantastic week in every way! We really made some lasting friendships this year, as did the kids. The kids not only had a blast every day but also loved the independence they were given that they don’t have at home. Top of the line counselors, food and staff!  Thanks, T.P.!
— J & T, New Hope, PA, 6/18-6/25/16

This is a place where the whole family gets a vacation! Absolutely the best.
— J & P, Orlando, FL, 6/18-6/25/16

Over more than a decade with our four!
— K & H, New Orleans, LA, 6/18-6/25/16

We love this place. Thank you for making our lives better. Food was great this year. Chef is AWESOME!
— J & K, Metairie, LA, 6/18-6/25/16

Love, love, love all Front Desk staff. Jamie, the Maitre’d, and all the dining staff.
— N & K, Sierra Madre, CA, 6/18-6/25/16

We really enjoyed the stay. I was surprised (pleasantly) at how caring the counselors were to the kids. Our kids woke up every morning excited to get back to their group and came home exhausted.
— C & K, Melrose, MA, 6/18-6/25/16

Thank you for thinking of everything and creating the environment for the best possible family vacation. The staff, amenities and atmosphere are second to none. We have made lifelong friends and are grateful to have found this gem of a resort. Thank you!
— K & A, Glen Allen, VA, 6/18-6/25/16

Words cannot express our times at The Tyler Place. This being our 7th year – our family reunion of 13 – are always waiting for each week to arrive. No other vacation can compare to our time here. We love you!!
— C & B, Bradenton, FL, 6/18-6/25/16

Having started here with an 11-month old and 3-year old, this year we brought only the 13-year old. The Tyler Place is a great place to let him explore independence safely and gently on his parents! It’s such a place of regeneration, renewing friendships, making new friends and enjoying every moment we’re together.
— D &A, Edmond, OK, 6/18-6/25/16

We just love it here so much!
— A & J, West Chester, OH, 6/18-6/25/16

My son had a year of swim lessons. After two 20-minute private lessons at T.P., he was swimming like a fish! Even beyond our expectations and you can quote me on that. My 9-year old was scared of the lake on Saturday. By Monday she was swimming and boating and using the lake tramps.
— J & E, Bethesda, MD, 6/18-6/25/16

Highlight of our year! The kids talk about Tyler Place all year long.
— M & J, Atlanta, GA, 6/18-6/25/16

Everything was amazing!
— P & K, Maumee, OH, 6/18-6/25/16

We had a great time. Thank you. We LOVE The Tyler Place!!
— R & E, East Greenwich, RI, 6/18-6/25/16

We love The Tyler Place! This was our 7th year and as always, a much anticipated summer vacation week for our extended family. GREAT food, great activities, great place – great people!
— R & L, Bradenton, FL, 6/18-6/25/16

Even though we have aged out of most of all of the vigorous activities we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Lots of time to stroll about, sit in the sun or shade, read, relax, nap and most of all, mingle with the guests and enjoy our children and grandchildren – a precious vacation! Thanks for encouraging us to be part of this marvelous and beautiful family resort!
— T & S, Greenport, NY, 6/18-6/25/16

Having done nearly every type of family vacation (cruises, Disney, Beach House, Europe, Yellowstone/Jackson), The Tyler Place is by far our favorite. Nothing else comes close. It is the best week that we spend together as a family.
— D & L, Wilmington, DE, 6/18-6/25/16

After 14 years, The Tyler Place is still as wonderful as the first year we came.
— G & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/18-6/25/16

We had a wonderful time. Our kids are already asking about coming back next year.
— M & S, Ross, CA, 6/11-6/18/16

The Tyler family’s warmth and quality of the staff make this an awesome and special vacation. We look forward to our next annual trip from California. 
— R & A, Mountainview, CA, 6/11-6/18/16


The Tyler Place has the perfect formula for busy families to have the perfect vacation: kids’ programs and adult free time/play = FUN! We didn’t believe all the hype – but everything we read is true. We loved it so much we stayed an extra week. Thanks to all the staff and Tyler family for a dream vacation.
— R & J, Landenberg, PA, 6/11-6/25/16

We’ll do it electronically, but for now please know this was a fantastic, if not MOVING, experience for us. So full of fun, fellowship, family and affection. Thank you!
— P & R, Mount Hermon, MA, 6/11-6/18/16

It was the best vacation ever. The only ‘real’ vacation you can take with babies or toddlers.
— K & C, Silverado, CA, 6/11-6/18/16

What a great setup – excellent daycare, fun stuff to do for adults, kids and families, trained family staff, excellent food – a true vacation for all the family members, big, medium and small.
— M, Roswell, GA, 6/11-6/18/16

Thank you for an unforgettable and wonderful vacation. See you next year!
— A & C, Gulfport, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

Tyler Place staff are the bomb!
— M & N, Naples, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

We loved it with our grandkids. They were happy to get up – surprise! Exceeded our expectations. Our grandson walked in and said, “Wow!”  His cousin, a younger girl claimed bottom bunk – they were great!
— D & G, Tavares, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

What we like about The Tyler Place is that it provides a wider choice of activities – whether we want to be reclusive and private or engage in group activities. We don’t always know which mood we’ll be in, but the T.P. gives us the flexibility to do what we feel like no matter the mood. Great family memories.
— P & P, Nashville, TN, 6/11-6/18/16

The dining staff are really sweet, humble people! 
— G & E, Coconut Creek, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

Year after year, we have had fun, memorable experiences! The astronomy evening was a GREAT addition! 
— J & W, Lattingtown, NY, 6/11-6/18/16

Had a great time! Best was the overall service and friendliness of the staff! 
— E & M, Westerville, OH, 6/11-6/18/16

We have come to The Tyler Place since 2008 and have had a great time. Our children and grandchildren have loved the activities and enjoyed the new friends they met here. The adults have gone home a bit sore but feeling that we have had a real vacation!
— T & M, Radnor, PA, 6/11-6/18/16

A wonderful family reunion. Kids were so happy the whole time, but the family had time with them, too. Accommodations were comfortable and campy, but you didn’t have to make a concession about camp-style food to get that the food was excellent. 
— M & C, Calabasas, CA, 6/11-6/18/16

We have decided that The Tyler Place is our “second home”. It marks the beginning of summer for our family every year and carries us through the end of the school year. We can’t thank you enough for all of the love, warmth and joy you bring our family each summer.  You are the BEST! 
— J & S, Tampa, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

Loved Parent Helper specifically – and just to have the option! Great job scheduling all grown up activities, getting us back in time for children pick ups. We felt like it was a summer camp for all ages. 
— E & J, Bloomsfield Township, MI, 6/11-6/18/16

We decided to come back last summer for this summer – best decision! We’ll do it again.
— S & K, Durham, NC, 6/11-6/18/16

The most incredible way to celebrate our mom’s 86th birthday!
— San Clemente, CA, R & S, 6/11-6/18/16

Thank you for adding the additional trip to Proper Pond! Still one of our favorites with three boys. We also loved the astronomy night. Those guys were great.
— J & V, Syosset, NY, 6/11-6/18/16

We literally count down the months and then the days until Tyler Place. It’s truly relaxing and the entire family loves it. Thank you for providing a real vacation that refreshes us in every way!
— W & B, New York, NY, 6/11-6/18/16

This was a perfect vacation! No cooking needed so we all got to relax and enjoy. There is so much to do and yet we really enjoyed doing nothing. We really appreciated the use of the bikes and the staff at the Bike Shed were so helpful, never minding to make adjustments at any time.
— W & R, Mount Vernon, NH, 6/11-6/18/16

As first time guests of The Tyler Place we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. We reviewed the website and read the literature provided but we were amazed, surprised and satisfied with every aspect of the family resort.
— J & B, Delphos, OH, 6/11-6/18/16

So much fun returning with our family after 50 years! Same lovely, friendly atmosphere. Great activities for kids. Fabulous staff. Unbelievable facilities! Amazing to see how the resort has grown while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Three generations couldn’t have been happier. A wonderful 50th anniversary celebration.
— W & A, Litchfield, CT, 6/11-6/18/16

The (adult) space and time provided by The Tyler Place kids’ camp structure led to many really fun and serendipitous activities that could not have happened any other way. These unplanned things were for me even more enjoyable because they are so rare in our normal life. I really loved the variety of activities…there’s something for everyone from athletic to educational and beyond. It seems like Tyler Place has really thought of EVERYTHING for both kids and adults and they nail it! We can’t wait to come back. The staff especially makes the stay so perfect.
— J & K, Ambler, PA, 6/11-6/18/16

Our son (age 6) wrote a Father’s Day card thanking his dad for taking him to The Tyler Place and in kayaks. It was a long card. What a testimonial!
— J & L, Cherry Hill, NJ, 6/11-6/18/16

The kids had a blast and were dreading leaving by Wednesday! Adult food was excellent. Great ambience overall!
— R & E, Beavercreek, OH, 6/11-6/18/16

Wonderful having adult dinners. Kids were happy and tired every night (so were we). Got to try something new every day. Beautiful weather and setting. Only complaint is not enough hours in the day to do everything we wanted.
— W & T, Punta Gorda, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

The Tyler Place lived up to every great review and every expectation. The kids’ programs were awesome; the adult activities fun and the food was spectacular.
— S & S, Orlando, FL, 6/11-6/18/16

Yoga with Lucie was fantastic. We felt like we were on a yoga retreat!
— J & A, West Roxbury, MA, 6/11-6/18/16

Superb!  Love my wife and this helps me remember why. Nothing like it – we know that.
— R & J, Shrewsbury, MA, 6/4-6/11/16

We all felt very welcomed and enjoyed many activities! Loved our first visit to The Tyler Place! 
— J & C, Palo Alto, CA, 6/4-6/11/16

As a second year guest, we still enjoyed ourselves immensely. We were worried our expectations would be too high, but that was not the case.
— J & C, Toledo, OH, 6/4-6/11/16

Loved every minute!  I was hesitant about being away from my son during the stay, but it was an excellent program for him and I had nothing to worry about.
— B & C, Sherman, TX, 6/4-6/11/16

All of it – atmosphere, easy staff and guests, activities and food. The astronomers were FASCINATING!  Our children say the same!
— W & E, Eastover, SC, 6/4-6/11/16

The grounds and flower boxes/beds are wonderful as usual and I loved the rock garden. The kitchen staff did a fantastic job as well!  I’m always amazed at how many really great things go on behind the scenes.
— S & K, Akron, OH, 6/4-6/11/16

Great vacation for everyone! We really enjoyed the variety of activities! The food was outstanding and our kids were well taken care of in the Sr. Moppets and Junior programs.
— J & S, Kingsport, TN, 6/4-6/11/16

This is a hidden gem among family vacations. It has been wonderful having daily activities for the kids, so the adults can have ‘adult’ time. We look forward to coming back in the future.
— M & C, Mason, OH, 6/4-6/11/16

Your entire presentation is exceptional! The Tyler Place is the ultimate family vacation destination with activities for the entire family. Everyone will have the time of their lives!
— P & C, New Canaan, CT, 6/4-6/11/16

I just love the staff! Everyone makes us feel at home and welcomed.
— R & H, Pomona, CA, 6/4-6/11/16

LOVED that kids were fed, that all activities were inclusive and highlights were: tea party with son; telescopes/astronomy; kayaking with 3-1/2 year old; trampoline.
— B & S, Providence, RI, 6/4-6/11/16

Our 5th family vacation to The Tyler Place was fantastic. Our children have had another amazing visit and we couldn’t be happier with how they are cared for and entertained. Us grownups had a fabulous time, too! The T.P. has the family vacation experience perfected!  THANK YOU for letting me host the tea party!
— L & J, Marietta, GA, 6/4-6/11/16

The staff here is unbelievable. The counselors treat the children with such respect and patience. You can tell the T.P. only hires people qualified to care and guide your children through the ups and downs of camp life. Mostly ups!
— J & E, Colombia, SC, 6/4-6/11/16

We love The Tyler Place and the best part is the smiles on our kids’ faces the whole week. The counselors are fantastic and they make the activities so fun for the kids. We love having the opportunity for adult activities in the morning.
— J & M, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/4-6/11/16

Love the diverse array of activities for adults and children. Most are included and those that are available as extras (such as massages and private tennis lessons) are very reasonably priced.
— H & P, Chatham, NJ, 6/4-6/11/16

The best family vacation we could imagine!
— J & C, Wayland, MA, 6/4-6/11/16

Great children’s programming, fantastic food and always good company.
— M & G, Cos Cob, CT, 6/4-6/11/16

Zoran: amazing pictures. He’s one of our favorites and makes the kids so happy. Glad he’s here.
— J & J, Greenwood, IN, 6/4-6/11/16

The Tyler Place and their staff have always been so accommodating to our various special needs and medical changes over the years. It will never fail to impress me how they handled our diabetes diagnosis and how they made a nervous mom feel much more relaxed.
— R & M, Batavia, IL, 6/4-6/11/16

We were really impressed with the quality of the children’s programs. Even when it was cold or rainy, the kids were busy and had a great time!
— A & H, Bellevue, NE, 6/4-6/11/16

This was my first time here and I really enjoyed it. I felt safe leaving my 18-month old to play and he had an amazing time. The adult activities were a lot of fun. I was traveling solo, and was made to feel very welcome!
— K, Swansea, MA, 6/4-6/11/16

This trip was all about FUN. From the adults to the kids. We loved meeting other guests. People we’d love to connect with again. This is truly a singular, spectacular place. Thank you.
— D & J, Baltimore, MD, 6/4-6/11/16

We enjoy time together – our kids have the time of their lives and beg to come back. We meet new friends, participate in new activities and are extremely worn out.
— P & L, Jacksonville, FL, 6/4-6/11/16

The Tyler Place is a, if not THE, highlight week of our year.
— M & E, Milton, MA, 6/4-6/11/16

There is no other place like Tyler Place!  For parents to be able to relax and have time alone while the kids have fun with so many activities is just brilliant! It’s been an amazing week and we are already looking forward to next year.
— B & T, Houston, TX, 6/4-6/11/16

Always a great week. The best of our year.
— K & K, Millis, MA, 6/4-6/11/16

This place is the answer to the question: ‘Where do we take the kids this summer?’
— M & A, Columbia, MD, 6/4-6/11/16

Wonderful place to meet people and enjoy adult time and know that you don’t have to miss the grandchildren.
— N, Mentor, IL, 6/4-6/11/16

There’s a reason our family keeps coming back to The Tyler Place!! Actually, there are about a THOUSAND reasons, big and small. From seeing old friends and meeting new ones, to relaxing ourselves while we watch our kids explore, grow and play, to the delicious food, sweet and gracious staff and of course the natural Vermont beauty. We love it all!! Thanks, Tylers, for another wonderful family vacation!
— M & D, Rochester, NY, 6/4-6/11/16

We had another awesome year. As always, the staff have been the highlights for me.
— A & J, Smithton, IL, 6/4-6/11/16

We’ve all had so much fun despite the cold weather! This place is fabulous and we can’t wait until next summer. Love the adult meals, kids’ programs are fabulous and so many fun activities!
— D & S, Atlanta, GA, 6/4-6/11/16

We all had a great time. We look forward to coming back next summer.
— J & M, New York, NY, 5/30-6/4/16

We love our accommodations – close enough to the activities. We love the independence our children get to have due to the safe environment.
— J & S, Fishkill, NY, 5/30-6/4/16

We had a wonderful time at Tyler Place!  The perfect camp for adults as well as children.  The food, activities and staff were excellent. 
— A & M, Bloomfield, NJ, 5/30-6/4/16

The Tyler Place is unlike any vacation. My son feels right at home even though he’s allergic to everything! He loved the activities, bike riding, the routine, the friends and family time. We love yoga. Patsy’s classes, all sport events and Andrea & Lea’s 4-handed massage was reason enough for me to come back. We love how active (or passive) we can be here.  P.S. In case I don’t get to see Chad – Chad: it was lovely getting to know you this year and meeting your father (who is hilarious and kind) and your wife who is challenging and fun and so knowledgeable about the body.  A special thanks to you for the warm and heartfelt words you shared afterwards. I cried when I heard. May you and your family and staff be blessed always!
— M & R, Clifton Park, NY, 5/30-6/4/16

We have really enjoyed our stay this time – better than the last two times.
—R & K, Dallas, TX, 5/30-6/4/16

We love it here…just a wonderful time for everyone.
— L& K, Washington, DC, 5/30-6/4/16

This was our first year here and it was everything we hoped it would be. We are an active family and we place a lot of emphasis on healthy eating so the T.P. is perfect for us! We made a lot of friends and look forward to see them next year.
— D & E, Greer, SC, 5/30-6/4/16

Loved the evening Champagne Cruise. Would love multi-generational mini-golf.
— M & B, Derby, CT, 5/30-6/4/16

Kids happy. Many activities. Relaxed.
— R & D, New York, NY, 5/30-6/4/16

A place to relax, refresh and reflect – after 18 years still our favorite way to begin the summer.
— M & P, Bedford, MA, 5/27-6/4/16

We appreciated the staff’s commitment to help coordinate and oversee unsanctioned activities, advanced rock wall and volleyball. Cate and Cam were very helpful.
— V & K, Cedar Park, TX, 5/27-6/4/16

It was a great idea to have the photographer taking photos while the kids were in their programs. We loved seeing photos of all the fun our son was having. You have really perfected the model of a family resort. It was a great balance of family time and separate kid and adult time, such that we all came away with different highlights of the trip.
— A & D, Bethesda, MD, 5/27-5/30/16

It was too sunny and perfect to have time to write anything.
— P & J, Minneapolis, MN, 5/27-6/4/16

We live 1000’s of miles from our kids and grandkids, so The Tyler Place Family Resort has been a wonderful find. We see the whole family at once with time for talks with complete sentences with quality grandkid time and with no real life responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. It is a win-win resort that renews and strengthens our family. Thanks for creating this haven!
— W & C, McLean, VA, 5/27-6/4/16

As always, great trip with family!  Looking forward to another year!
— W & E, San Mateo, CA, 5/27-6/4/16

This is the ONLY way to vacation with small children! You get to spend time with them, but you also get to spend time being YOURSELF!
— T & B, East Lansing, MI, 5/27-6/4/16

The Tyler Place is ‘guilt-free’ family vacationing where it is okay for parents to have their own activities and kids to do their own thing and hang out with friends. Everyone has a good time here.
— M & D, Leesburg, VA, 5/27-6/4/16

The food was great and we had a great time. We loved the candid photos and family photos. It seems like you really have it all figured out.
— J & L, Springfield, PA, 5/27-5/30/16

Perfect family-friendly vacation. Took me back to my summer at sleep away camp. So much to do and the other vacationers were wonderful people. A great way to relax and unplug.
— J & M, Jupiter, FL, 5/27-5/30/16

The Tyler Place is our family’s ‘happy place’. This was our 11th year, and our son is 12, so he has grown up here. The experiences he has had here are priceless. We have made good friends and it is truly the only vacation, which is a vacation for the entire family.  We feel like it’s our second home but a home where we don’t have to cook, clean, or plan anything.  A perfect week!
— W & S, Atlanta, GA, 5/27-6/4/16

Love the use of local ingredients in the meals and the opportunity to garden (both for us and the kids). Some of the best massage therapists are always here! LOVE yoga with Lucie. The counselors were so warm and loving – both the 4 & 9-year old adored them!
— M & A, Fairfield, CT, 5/27-6/4/16

Our 5-year old son said: ‘Tyler Place is my dream come true. I bet when it’s raining at home, it’s still sunny at Tyler Place.’
— D & S, Orange, CT, 5/27-6/4/16

Our week at The Tyler Place is the very best week of the year. It’s a vacation that actually feels like a real vacation. This was our 6th year and we can’t wait to come back for year #7.
— B & S, Long Valley, NJ, 5/27-6/4/16

The Tyler Place is the only time where we get to have it all: a chance to relax, a place for the kids to try new things on their own and a space for adult time.
— S & R, Stoughton, MA, 5/27-6/4/16

Thank you for another unbelievably relaxing and entertaining vacation our whole family can enjoy! This is our 9th season and we can’t wait to come back and make it to the BIG 10!  Every year is different but the one thing that is always the same is the FUN and connections we make with friends – old and new!
— R & M, Nutley, NJ, 5/27-6/4/16

Our whole family loves the vast array of fun activities at the T.P. It’s so much more than just immediate gratification (which it is!).  It’s an opportunity to try new things we often may not have otherwise tried. I love the enriching aspect of The Tyler Place!
— K & T, Encinitas, CA, 5/27-6/4/16

The staff and guests we have come to know have become our Tyler Place family. This was our 4th year at The Tyler Place. Each year we try activities outside our comfort zones and our son is able to try a variety of new activities as well. We appreciate the effort it takes to coordinate and staff the extensive offerings, and by now you’ve gotten it down to a science. We look forward to our arrival at Tyler Place, our ‘happy place’, and are always sad to leave. We’ve made good friends so it’s become a home away from home. We’ll be counting the days until we can come home again. Thanks for the memories! P.S. Jess did a fabulous job. The food was AWESOME!
— K & A, Brandon, FL, 5/27-6/4/16

Love the children, food, facilities and staff. People treated us kindly as newcomers.
— J & J, Princeton, NJ, 5/27-6/4/16

We switched weeks this year. I was worried we wouldn’t find new friends. Obviously this was a silly thought. We loved our new week and all of the new people.
— J & K, Woodbridge, CT, 5/27-6/4/16

This has been our best family vacation to date! It is the perfect balance of family time and adult time. It was a vacation and not a trip!
— B & K, Portales, NM, 5/27-6/4/16

This was our 9th year coming to The Tyler Place and it is still everyone in our family’s favorite week of the year! It is amazing to watch our children grow and do new and exciting things year after year!
— S & C, Madison, NJ, 5/27-6/4/16

It’s hard to imagine a better family vacation. The Tyler Place is good fun for every member of the family. It’s not a luxurious resort; its charm and appeal lies in a carefully cultivated atmosphere of an old time family vacation on the lake – kids catching frogs, adults enjoying a beautiful sunset, everyone playing at a (life guarded!) pool overlooking Lake Champlain, and then taking a dip in the lake. But this is way more relaxing than any family lake house trip you remember, because an entire staff looks out for all your needs – from food to fun and games for the kids that let the adults have their fun, too, to housekeeping – it’s worth every penny.
— L & S, Bethlehem, PA, 5/27-6/4/16

The Tyler Place is wonderful! It’s a great atmosphere for relaxing and coming together as family.
— J & J, Austin, TX, Tyler North, 5/27-6/4/16

We had always wanted to visit New England and have a family camp experience. The Tyler Place exceeded expectations!
— N & A, Tucson, AZ, 5/27-5/30/16

Great staff. Nice kids’ programs. We met great people.
— M & D, Weston, CT, 5/27-5/30/16

The best part about The Tyler Place is that our son was having a blast, while we were having adult time and making lifetime relationships.
— R & M, Pompano Beach, FL, 5/27-5/30/16