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From historic Vermont tenting community to acclaimed destination family resort.

Tyler Place Family Resort history spans six generations from an 1800s tenting community to today’s highly acclaimed destination family resort. On the Inn lawn where our grandparents met as 10-year-olds in 1874, our own grandchildren and guest children play today, sharing a common history of indelible family vacation memories.

The land, which is now The Tyler Place Family Resort, combines a former dairy farm and Victorian mineral waters spa and park. In the late 1890s our grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and their friends from surrounding towns hauled children, tents, and housekeeping paraphernalia to the shores of Shipyard Bay, where, for a few weeks out of the summer, they explored the woods, picked berries, rowed about in boats, went fishing, built tree huts, swam, had cook-outs over campfires, watched the moon rise over the lake, star-gazed, and relaxed. Later, family cottages replaced the tent sites, trains and automobiles replaced the horse-drawn wagons, but the flavor of summer has always remained the same.

An all-inclusive, family resort vacation is created.

Our parents, Edward J. and Judy Tyler (“Mrs. T.”) acquired the property in 1933, together with Hildreth (“Hibby”) Tyler and John Wriston, our father’s sister and her husband. Originally called The Tyler and Wriston Place, they were early pioneers in family travel. Building on their respective experiences as editor and author of children’s books, Mrs. T. and Hibby developed creative, age-staggered children’s programs and the concept of all-inclusive family vacations freed of dangling extra charges. To this day, The Tyler Place Family Resort is one of the few resorts in the world to focus entirely on all-inclusive family vacations with imaginative children’s programs and private “couple time” for parents.

Guests who loved the place as children now return with their children and grandchildren (and sometimes great-grandchildren!) for family reunions and to have the time of their lives all over again. In some ways we’ve grown up: the children’s programs, facilities, sports equipment and dining are state-of-the-art, but the atmosphere and philosophy – the heart and history of the place- have stayed the same.


“I was a guest at The Tyler Place as a child from the age of 4 through 16 and had such fond memories of my time there. It was with great anticipation that I returned 20 years later with my husband and two young girls. Would it be the same? I’m thrilled to say that it was as fun, relaxing and inviting as I remembered. Although there have been many updates to the grounds and facilities, the warm energetic staff and Tyler family have kept the atmosphere as parent-and-child friendly as ever. See you next year and thanks for a great week!”
— P & E, Cranford, NJ

“We love The Tyler Place and continue to marvel at the perfectly tuned machine that it is. The Tylers infuse the place with an authenticity and history that isn’t replicable elsewhere. All of us ADORE our time here. We thank you for such a special place for us to spend the last week of summer taking in the majesty of Vermont. A+.”
— J & S, New York, NY