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Parents’ Helpers & Sitters

Our Parents’ Helpers and Au Pairs provide great one-on-one care for infants and toddlers.

One-on-one Parents’ Helpers (The Tyler Place Family Resort’s nomenclature for au pairs) and experienced sitters are undoubtedly one of the best and most treasured “family-friendly features” we offer parents with infants and toddlers. Before your visit even begins we arrange for you and your child to have your own one-on-one Parents’ Helper to provide individual care and attention. Hours are flexible to give you as much freedom as you choose and the luxury of dining as a twosome or with friends. Our Parents’ Helpers are much more than “sitters.” They actively engage your child, so that even the youngest children become active participants in The Tyler Place infant and toddler programs and activities with all the extensive equipment, toys, facilities, outdoor opportunities, and special dining arrangements designed for infants and toddlers.

Chosen for their genuine love of children, Tyler Place Parents’ Helpers have experience and training.

All Parents’ Helpers have been through a training program that covers basic first aid, safety procedures and child development issues. Most Parents’ Helpers are high school and college students and of course, are thoroughly screened as are all our staff. Many are nearby neighbors or are referred by friends. Also, some who care for the youngest infants are mothers and grandmothers who live near The Tyler Place. Your Parents’ Helper is paid directly by you, by the hour. Depending on their tenure at The Tyler Place, these fees range from $10.00 to $12.00. Your Parents’ Helper can also act as your late evening sitter on evenings you return to the Inn for night events.

Sitters easily available for Parents’ Nights Out.

Dance the night way. Come back to the Bar for drinks with friends or a jazz night.  The Tyler Place counselors and staff and our neighborhood mothers and students are available as evening sitters for children of all ages. Fees are the same as above. Please be sure to make your request to the Front Desk the night before.

“Amazing. We could not have asked for more. Our 4-year old loved it. Our one-on-one was great with our 2-year old. Great mix of family and alone time and loved the choice of activities.”
— D & S, Rockville Centre, NY

“Eating three meals a day without the kids is awesome. I really got to enjoy the great food and adult conversation. Our daughter loved having the babysitter and practically kicked us out each morning. During the mornings I was a kid, riding my bike and climbing rock walls. At night I was a teenager, staying up late, chatting and drinking. Overall, this place exceeded my expectations and provided an excellent atmosphere for the whole family…well done!!! We look forward to returning in 2015…”
— R & A, Nottingham, PA