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P.O. Box 254, Highgate Springs, VT 05460
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The Surrounding Area

The Tyler Place is located in northwestern Vermont, on Lake Champlain, in the town of Highgate Springs. The surrounding area is rural and hilly and composed primarily of summer camps, residential homes and small dairy farms. There is no public transportation, but The Tyler Place has a van that goes into St. Albans (20 minute drive) and Burlington (45 minute drive) once or twice a week to give staff an opportunity to shop and do their banking.


Following is a list of positions available at the resort: Lifeguards, Water Sports Instructors, Counselors, Housekeepers, Cooks, Baker, Prep Cooks, Dishwashers, Dining Room Servers, Children’s Meal Servers, Front Desk Clerks, Bartenders, Cocktail Servers, Adult Activities Leaders, Tennis Pro, Photographer, Bicycle Maintenance, Groundskeeper, Driver and Gardener. Most jobs are full-time (40 hours per week). See job descriptions for more details on each position.


Staff can expect to make $9.60 per hour (more for returning staff and supervisory positions). Most staff work 37-40 hours per week and opportunities exist to make extra income by babysitting, assisting with housekeeping duties, assisting the entertainment department, teaching tennis, providing swim instruction, etc. Paychecks are distributed every other week. International students who are coming to The Tyler Place via CCUSA, Camp Leaders, InterExchange, etc., will have any fees we’re charged deducted from their salary over the course of the summer. These fees are usually for airfare, recruitment and screening charges, visa paperwork, etc. In general, the fees are higher the first summer you work in the U.S., and significantly reduced for “returnees”.


The Tyler Place provides free housing for out-of-state and international students. Housing is located on and adjacent to The Tyler Place property and is within a 5-15 minute walk from the Inn, pools and waterfront. Most rooms are doubles, but there are a few triples and singles. Men and women live near each other, but in separate buildings. Most of the dorms have washers and dryers for staff to do their laundry. Linens, pillows and towels are provided by The Tyler Place. Most dorms do not have kitchens (meals are provided at the Inn), but all have refrigerators and microwaves. We do not charge a fee for your accommodation, but expect a few things in return:

  1. Keeping rooms, bathrooms and shared living spaces neat and clean (there’s an inspection once each week)
  2. Being friendly and courteous to our guests
  3. Taking your job seriously and striving to do your best at all times
  4. Being helpful and flexible at all times.


Staff are provided with 3 free meals a day (plus an evening snack). Meals are served buffet style in the Staff Dining Room at the Inn. All staff are expected to bus their own dishes and utensils and keep the dining room and buffet area picked-up. The Chef makes an effort to prepare meals that are varied, healthy, and good to eat and encourages your suggestions and comments. Staff are invited to eat in the Guest Dining Room on occasion during the summer.

Use of Facilities

Staff are encouraged to participate with guests in softball, volleyball, basketball, and other scheduled daytime activities when their schedules permit and on a guest first basis. Staff are also encouraged to attend evening guest entertainment events and to mingle with guests on a social basis. During their time off, staff are welcome to use the pools, canoes, kayaks and sailboats as well as the fitness center and tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. However, at all times we ask that you respect our “guest first” policy and to be friendly, helpful and courteous whether on or off duty.

Staff Committee

The Staff Committee is a small group of your peers who are responsible for planning, organizing, budgeting and executing staff events, trips and parties. The Tyler Place provides the Staff Committee with a weekly budget to help cover the costs of events. The Staff Committee members are responsible for getting everyone’s input and ideas and try to plan the timing of events so that all staff members have a chance to attend some of the activities.


All staff are eligible to receive a bonus of up to $400 at the end of the season. The amount of bonus received is based on a variety of factors including (but not limited to): adherence to contract dates, proper use of the time clock, condition of housing, performance, attitude, timeliness, participation in guest events and activities, and respect for Tyler Place policies and property.

Days Off

All staff get one or two full days off each week. Weekends tend to be our busiest time, so plan on being scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays (or both). Due to the length of our season and the difficulty in scheduling, staff are allowed just one or two “special requested” days off per season and requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Should something unexpected come up, your department supervisor will try to accommodate you, depending on the situation and availability of alternate coverage. If you’d like to plan a trip to see another part of the country, please wait and do your traveling after the season is over.

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