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Camp for Kids

Through all-inclusive family vacations at The Tyler Place, award-winning Vermont summer programs conjure up pure magic for kids and teens since 1933.

Kids and teens, parents, and family travel writers consistently give top marks to The Tyler Place all-inclusive family vacations, our teen and children’s programs, and activities. Super counselors hailing from around the world, leading-edge equipment and facilities, tricycles or bicycles of their very own, time with friends, time with parents, a country setting with woods and meadows and lakeshore–The Tyler Place Family Resort has it all.

Kids’ camp: all aboard for hands-on activities and field trips.

Hands-on activities are at the core of our summer programs. Children’s camp is comprised of group activities like bike trips, field trips, and sunny Vermont afternoons rock climbing, trampoline jumping, playing classic lawn games, or splashing on the lake, at the pool or swimming hole. Tubing and paddleboarding round out the slate of kids’ favorite waterfront activities.

Up for a scavenger hunt? Wander and wonder, there is no shortage of land to roam on our 165 acres of forest, field and trails, and one full mile of private shorefront. In the evening, our peaceful setting hosts organized campfires and cookouts for kids. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter: meet your match. All at once the campfire’s embers will become more interesting than the glowing screen, and the handheld will fall to the wayside, side-by-side with the world at hand. Welcome to the new play station.

Bring on the group activities: kids will laugh, learn, and grow with biking, lawn games, rock climbing, swimming, waterfront activities, tubing, and paddleboarding.

Camp for children at The Tyler Place means that everyone is included. Young athletes, crafters, bakers, magicians, actresses, swimmers and dancers and swingers of birches: unite! With some of the world’s best counselors we are adept at ice-breaker games, facilitating teamwork and mutual respect through group activities and honoring each child’s needs and personality.

If swimming or other activities are not yet on the list of your child’s skills, counselors offer steady support, lifeguards are always vigilant, and lessons are available. From swimming to biking to a Green Mountain hike: with its own unique alchemy that inspires confidence, happiness, and the will to learn something new, The Tyler Place has been the backdrop for many “firsts” over our eight decades. Sending home new swimmers, bikers, hikers and adventurers is a regular part of our summer programs. It’s what a classic summer vacation is all about.

We make the most of our Vermont setting to offer the best possible camp for kids and parents alike.

At The Tyler Place life-long friendships among parents and children alike play out year after year. When the kids are happy and well taken care of, time for you follows. Each morning and afternoon, older kids will depart enthusiastically for their next group adventure. Inventive, all-inclusive morning programs and evening Parents’ Helpers make vacation with even our smallest ones easy. Perhaps for the first time, saying “see you later” to your child for babysitting, child care, or camp for kids will be as relaxing as a Vermont summer vacation.

Infant to 12 months

Our experienced, caring staff of caregivers and Parents’ Helpers make sure even the youngest children enjoy a wide variety of morning indoor and outdoor experiences.

12 – 18 months

We welcome our “Junior Toddlers” to kids camp with excellent child care, unbeatable child/staff ratios, and a creative variety of indoor and outdoor facilities and activities.

18 – 30 months

The Tyler Place’s experienced caregivers and Parents’ Helpers keep older “Senior Toddlers” busy and happy with a whole range of hands-on, feet-on activities and indoor and outdoor play.

2 1/2 – 3 years

This early childhood program gives 2 1/2 to 3-year-olds the opportunity to experience all the fun and adventure of “real first camp” activities in a warm, caring environment knowing their parents are nearby.

4 – 5 years

The children’s programs for 4 and 5-year-olds are designed for “big-kids” vacation fun, activities, sports, and outdoor play in a warm, secure environment with plenty of friends their own age.

1st & 2nd Graders

Our children’s programs for those entering 1st and 2nd grades are packed to the brim with summer vacation fun, friends, activities, sports, and free-wheeling outdoor play they will remember all their lives.

3rd & 4th Graders

The 8 and 9-year-olds entering 3rd and 4th grade have a lot to love best about our programs: great counselors, friends their own age, very cool activities and sports, waterfront activities, field trips, a bike of their own, and their own fully-equipped Inn Recreation Room.

5th & 6th Graders

Our Pre-Teen programs are designed to give preteens entering 5th and 6th grades a summer vacation camp for children that they’ve only read about in books: long-lasting friendships, great college counselors, familiar and cutting-edge sports, campfires and cookouts, and the independence that comes with a bike all one’s own.

7th & 8th Graders

Our all-inclusive Jr. Teen program is designed to give our second-oldest group the freedom to explore and enjoy new activities with the supervision of great college counselors, and all the while making long-lasting friendships.

9th & 10th Graders

The all-inclusive activities free Senior Teens of the usual hassle of having to ask parents for permission or extra cash every time they want to try out a new sport or activity or hang out with friends at the Waterfront or Teen Lounge.

“Excellent! My husband and I took a trip off-property to Ben & Jerry’s and the kids REFUSED to go because they would miss their groups. I hardly saw my kids because they were always with their friends.”
— H & R, Cape Girardeau, MO

“My son loved to run on the lawn behind our cottage to play with the little boy next door. He never had so much freedom. This place is wonderful for families!”
— A & A, Alexandria, VA

“We look forward to our next Tyler Place vacation from the moment we leave this special place. There is surely no where like it. Every visit has been perfect from beginning to end. The children’s program is FANTASTIC!” 
— J & C, Washington, DC