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P.O. Box 254, Highgate Springs, VT 05460
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Guests say our counselors and staff are “best ever.”

Guests repeatedly tell us The Tyler Place Family Resort has simply the friendliest, most motivated, and best college counselors and professional staff they’ve ever encountered. Although we don’t hype “luxury” status, our guest/staff ratio of almost 1:1 is tops among all-inclusive family vacation resorts. No priority ranks higher than the careful selection and training of over 200 staff for the 9 kids’ programs, waterfront, pools, biking, fitness, lake and land sports, dining rooms, kitchen, maintenance, bar, housekeeping, and front office.

Our no-tipping policy creates a uniquely collegial spirit between guests and staff.

Tipping of counselors and staff is not allowed. Instead we have a service charge so there is nothing to spoil the collegial guest/staff atmosphere and our staff’s genuine enthusiasm and love for the place that has been a trademark of Tyler Place Family Resort vacations for four generations.


“Hands down the best childcare for young children. I didn’t waste one minute worrying about how they were doing – instead, I was relaxed and having fun from day one. The ratio of counselors to children was unbelievable.”
— T & J, St. Petersburg, FL