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18 to 30 MONTHS

Excellent toddler care and facilities.  New learning adventures every day.

We make sure older toddlers have plenty of toddler-friendly activities and great vacations, too. The Tyler Place Family Resort’s experienced caregivers and counselors keep older “Senior Toddlers” busy and happy with a whole range of hands-on, feet-on activities and indoor and outdoor play from searching for frogs and worms to watering the radishes in the Children’s Organic Garden, from puppet shows and dress up “dramatics” to tumbling in the Field House and storytelling.

May 26 to June 17 & August 26 to September 2:

Toddlers’ Morning Program with Evening Parents’ Helper or Program*

This Senior Toddler morning program has a ratio of one counselor/caregiver for every 2 to 3 children. Senior Toddlers “log roll” in the grass, play hide and seek behind rocks and trees; search for wildflowers and worms; paint; tumble; and enjoy rhyming games and water play. Their play center and playground are stocked with developmental toys, books, games, climbing and outdoor play equipment. Evenings, your child has his or her own Parents’ Helper, so your child and Parents’ Helper can have an early supper with the other Senior Toddlers and then join the other young toddlers for after-dinner play, or return to your accommodation for play or early bed time-while the two of you enjoy a relaxed cocktail hour and candlelight dinner at the Inn.

*September 3 to 10: We offer the same staffed morning program, but in addition to that we offer an Evening Program with the same ratio of one caregiver/counselor to every 2 to 3 children. There is a different theme to the activities every night (Slumber Party, Movie Night, Circus Night, etc.) and dinner and snack are included in the program.

June 17 to August 26:

Morning and Evening Parents’ Helper with Morning Toddler Play Program

If your summer family vacation falls during these dates, we make arrangements for you to have your own Parents’ Helper who’ll provide your child with one-on-one loving care and companionship mornings and evenings during your family vacation with us. Toddler activities are set up and organized for your Parents’ Helper to do with your child. The Playroom (located in the Playhouse) has open and alcove play areas and a fenced-in playground next to the Children’s Organic Garden. The Playroom is extensively equipped with developmental toys, soft climbing equipment, books, games, sand and water activities, as well as serving kitchen, dining area, rocking chairs for nursing mothers and changing area. Evenings, your child and your Parents’ Helper have an early supper and the option of early bedtime while the two of you have cocktails and dinner together.

For full details and rates, please see “Our Youngest Guests – Sr. Toddlers” leaflet.

  • Senior Toddler Play Facility
  • Extensively-equipped Playground
  • Nature Activities
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play
  • Children’s Organic Garden
  • Rhyming Games
  • Bike Baby Seats
  • Watering Cans and Hoeing
  • Sand and Water Play
  • Parents’ Helpers & Sitters
  • Music and Movement
  • Painting and Crafts
  • Water Babies; Bubble Play
  • Double and Single Strollers
  • Nursery Play Gym
  • Tumbling
  • Songs and Stories
“Fantastic! Perfect vacation with many young children! Elmwood was just too far as it’s SO hard to get 4 little kids back and forth numerous times. They’re not great bike riders, so honestly the distance was very, very challenging for us. We really hope we can get something closer next year.”
— E & K, Basking Ridge, NJ

“The most surprising thing to us was how much our 22-month old son matured throughout the week. While he had a tough time leaving us the first few days, he really began bonding with the counselors and his fellow Sr. Toddlers by the end of the week and we saw a noticeable improvement in his vocabulary & social skills.”
— M & S, Santa Monica, CA